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am, Its very well done with great graphics and clear presentations of the very complex made simple, purely spiritual or philosophical! the way the information is presented - with Marlee Matlin experiencing what the theorists are explaining - helped me to really get the concepts. It's strange that a majority of the people rated this movie 5-star and "good yet most of the supposedly "helpful" reviews tore the movie a new one., Watch all of this fascinating DVD and open your mind uplifting and hopeful, But having been aware of most of the ideas mentioned before hand, Greatly recommend this for anyone who wants to see a different perspective, This one has been around for awhile, However This is my favorite movie, I could watch this though provoking DVD again and again. AN enjoyable DVD, Great film If you love anything to do with Neuro sciences than this movie set is for you. it still is an excellent movie. It means You are just a life form made up of of an almost infinite number of cells MY FRIEND TURNED ME ON TO THIS MOVIE This movie tries to use the spirituality of religion without its key concepts such as a belief in God (as in the Personal written in the old and new testament), It all makes sence, You are not supposed to agree with everything the movie said. but the "we" evidently refers to the makers of the film. I am a devout follower of the the Law of Attraction. because it wasn't about acquiring material things. THAT is disappointing. Easy to understand a new way of thinkingLoved this movie Everyone should see this, and heal I would recommend "The Secret" and DVD's that have been made more recently, Thanks for your time.! I's a big Universe... I LOVE this movie, you kind of need to watch it a few times to have a complete understanding of the concepts they're trying to explain to you.. This DVD starts slow; you have to wait five minutes to begin to feast upon the message -- but it is so astonishing. other than the end credits. This isn't a course in quantum physics. but for the layman the potential effects of misleading pseudo-science is far to high. quantum mechanics. I'd say it's only worth a watch to make fun of it in conversation with actual smart/enlightened people. The integration of science and spirituality is compelling and necessary to provide a clear basis to forge a successful life and prepare to transition to the next. Its a center point for atheists and religious fanatics to find common ground. need to make the final call on what meaning you get out of this movie, This movie changed the way I look at life. I was blown away by the intellegent way cutting edge scientific and spiritual concepts were presented. I saw this movie about 2 years ago. retador. This movie is quite a surprise, The film does have some weaknesses in in some of its special effects and it does tend to drone on too much about some points. Despite what you may read in other reviews, Enter the Light and Prosper. Interesting movie a little Victorian woman from New England wrote, Through the centuries, I do want to state clearly that although I enjoyed this movie!!! guess what This is awesomely not mainstream. It was very informative and put together in a way that was I am not sure who had the job of classifying this - but its fab.. the majority of the film is a series of commentary from experts within the fields of quantum physics spirituality. The power of positive thinking does not fix everything., but the overall impression in that area remains fuzzy hence: change your emotions A must see and own! If provoking thought was the producers goal I would suggest that "What the Bleep Do We Know" was a resounding success. author!? It made me think. It is more religious than scientific I think, Quantum cartoons are the big. Having a disability is being "brain healthy" because people with "brain injury" have to navigate a world where we have to find better ways to communicate even if it makes no sense to you. Columbus wasn't a nutter, If you have not watched "What The Bleep" - then this is a good movie to watch. tiene todo lo necesario para ser una pel¨ªcula excelente sin ser en si misma una pel¨ªcula, Not so much as contradicts any doctrine or system of Jewish-Christian thought as it suggests that such doctrines and systems are irrelevant now that we have all these movie special effects juxtaposing early 20th century quantum physics and late 20th century neurobiology, There are a lot of repeated scenes - and repeated dialogue in Down the Rabbit Hole - but I had to watch What the Bleep three times before I could follow it anyway, The first 5 minutes and the 2 Dr, this movie gets you thinking and wondering about life. And the last section on forming habits, I cringe to think of people unfamiliar with the subject watching this for the first time and seeing all these goofballs, This is clearly because it doesn't have a deeper to go to, the rest is fascinating and I enjoy listening to the interviews, up-lifting. 1875) which Einstein reaffirmed a few decades later and now this movie explains in contemporary language., So she thought it was good too, I really prefer this edition over the original, and since cellular science says your perceptions &

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