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e it. This book is a wonderful and thoughtful guide through the emotions you are feeling right now and it helps you move through feelings like fear and anxiety to abundance, Easy to navigate there is something for anything you're feeling and in the exact moment you need it. It's an easy read that is aesthetically pleasing as well, resource. I love this book. quickly. I am an avid reader of self-help and development books attending seminars listening to online courses. Love this book! There are 200 manifestations to help with many situations in your daily life, This makes it difficult to connect with the affirmation because my story does not always align with the others, I love how each mediation connects you to 3 others that will help also. Sarah's heart and soul is evident in every word! you go directly to the two-pages you need for your current situation or mood! These are "fear based" feelings like broken! Sarah Prout is easily relatable and her book is a must have. It is a treasure for sure. I Love Sarah Prouts New book Dear Universe. believing!! and she covers 100 different feelings so there is so much to identify with and relate to. well thought out. Love this. This book is beautifully written and seems to always provide the perfect message at just the right time. I so far love it cuz its full of affirmative positive statementOrdered the book because I owe Sarah Prout big time for her manifesting ritual, how to keep a positive outlook. Sarah for all that you do and for all the love that you share thru your work, It's a cute book but nothing that hasn't been explored in the world of manifesting. It gives you a list of feelings and a mantra to remember about the feeling, I will keep this as a treasured resource for ever, I am enjoying my copy of Dear Universe, If it is a negative feeling it give 3 different positive feelings to read to change your energy I highly recommend. since doing this I have noticed my energy totally shifting, and Sarah shares a lot of herself throughout the book, but for the woman, happiness abundance & gratefulness, Whether they are good or bad. Really helps me work on my energy, I¡¯ve been using it daily since I got it, Read it through and use as a tool to help your daily mediation, I have had this wonderful book for a few days now and will turn to it to connect with my higher power daily. short meditation. I would recommend this for anyone who wants to continue manifesting while receiving the right emotional guidance. This book is appropriate for all ages and all backgrounds as this is not centered on any religion. Sarah Prout is a genius and so inspirational, You will benefit from this book. This crucial skill is often overlooked or seen as weak Love this book. Love this book. It's not fluff..! I am thankful that she shared her thoughts, Easy to read. and meditate to change it. I love the book very easy to read and it works, just can¡¯t wait to get my hard copy it may not! This is a great companion to have while keeping a journal. I do like the layout with negative emotions/positive emotions and cross referencing one to the other to provide a more positive outlook, I meditate first thing in the morning and this is my go to book. Best book I have read in decades! She creates a sacred safe place to be and grow.. we all need a magically manifested life. It¡¯s a book that you will use everyday. So it is so be it. Exactly what I need for my solitude for self moments. Sarah¡¯s resolve for any undesirable feeling is in a very simple. I have it on audiobooks and I listen to it in the morning to get my day started on the right foot, It is beautifully illustrated and very user friendly, It makes it easier to look up. Gave a copy to my best friend and we book talk all the time! Very helpful. so I know it¡¯s meant for me to connect with what¡¯s inside of it. This book is one of the best LOA books I have ever read and owned. heartfelt book that covers all feelings. Was looking for a book with the foundation of positivity. I felt like I learned more about the author than myself. If you need help upon your spiritual manifesting journey!!! positive and attractive, As if a collection of galaxies could hear and comfort her. So far. Must read of the year, acknowledge my emotions, intentions and focus immediately. I just got my book in the mail today. Loved this new book from Sarah. ?! This book is fantastic, The concept is so relatable. Sarah Prout¡¯s wisdom shines on every page. The artwork is beautiful. I loved mine so much I gave a copy to my 15-year old granddaughter for her birthday! This is a great tool for manifesting! I enjoy that it helps you acknowledge the uncomfortable emotions! I really love Sarah¡¯s work and her podcast too Very well organized to find exactly what I want to read. You get practical advice on the process of manifestation and also it guides you based on your emotions. Part 3 then contains 100 mini meditations to embrace love, Easy to read. This is a breathtaking book, I believe in reincarnation and I believe in energy of the universe so it was a no brainer when I bought her book, Concise and practical mini meditations make it possible to spend a short amount of time each day making this a habit. I do find the inclusion of affirmations to be beneficial, It looks beautiful on my coffee table and the meditations inside are even more so. This book really helps me when I am feeling down and excited. To me thoughts and behavior patterns, The author uses her stories to show where she comes from. and manifest a greater and emotional well being, and becomes more obvious as time and continued right action. I enjoyed the format and layout. these mini meditations make me feel instantly better! feelings and heart with each and every one of those who read Dear Universe, easy to use and full of good stuff. So this review is for a soothing and encouraging voice from the author/narrator. and bam- there it is in the book. There is a short message on these & at the bottom there is a suggestion for reading a meditation in the second part of the book that is "love based" feelings that you want to have like. useful book. I have my first one to my 16 year old Granddaughter.. Definitely recomend depending on my mood I will choose the meditation for that day. after being upgraded to release date delivery for free. Part 2 offers 100 fear based emotions with insight on the feeling. Thank you for this "How To" on manifesting a better life/world. I have no doubt, which helps when sitting with them since you can easily recall them., E

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