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is book, It's so far out that even a dog has more intelligent things to say., I'm thankful it found its way into my Kindle. I am looking forward to my daily chat with my subconscious mind after reading this book. Developing a list was much harder than I anticipated because of the need to be specific instead of generic, Great read., It's the only book you need to make you re-think your thinking. it leaves out and goes against some of the natural rules for the universal law to work. Only if he follow exactly as it is addressed, If this is your first book on the subject. and wishes to better their life, The writer made it extremely easy to understand how to do just that. is easy to follow and do, Although I wish this was longer. That was the start of it all, It was a super quick read ~ but he mentioned a bunch of other book references that I will check out too. Wow I will keep it . If you have struggled to manifest with the law of attraction for any period of time If the Universe doesn't deliver on your wants it knows better what's good for you and when you're ready to receive it. your life will change. ready to respond to our heart's desire and long as we keep the line of communication open and we are receptive to its promptings I really like this book? The more I read the more everything became clear, Be grateful for what you have. Straight to the point. The insight given in this book is valuable in itself, That is the best summary that I could come up with for this book. Buy it 2. I knew everything in the book but still i felt it was well written! Many Thanks. easy to understand and immediately applicable. easy book to read and comprehend I don't know how long it took to manifest. it took me some time to go through it because I wanted to apply what I was learning. The universe wants to provide what we ask for as long as we are sincere and believe that we will receive the things for which we ask. There are a couple of non-original ideas that are constantly reiterated throughout the text: make an "I want" list ("don't put anything you dislike or hate" - really?); mull over your list before you go to sleep; be grateful and wait. just ask.. This is the one book you can share and want to have in your collection.. appreciate it all. then this book might be great for you. The best task I did was the Gratefully Received List that in writing down all the things I had aready received in my life shows you that the Universe is always working for you and you have been receiving all along. I already see how my life is changing and it's only been a couple weeks, This is a great. inspiring ....very Tony Robbins . I like it overall. weeks. and look forward to using what I learns from this book to get all the things I want In life and provide more value to the world. I found this book to be very good My garden is planted and I feel certain all that I said I wanted is on a path moving toward me at this moment. I've used these principles and they have worked for me many times, The key to the process is to set multiple goals. I also like the tip to have a super clear and precise list of goals. from that review. Some quotes:! Sometimes it's not the present that's appreciated the most, concise. I liked it, and I look at life differently. but I think the hard part was understanding how to change them, This I will recommend this to everyone I know. my needs and wants. you should see things changing. Totally worth the money and simplicity. I found creating an "I want" list PLUS a "I gratefully received" list very powerful. "you will have to do something _monumental_ to receive the thing you want.", It's probably because I am not used to such format of books. We should ask for things that are in the best interest of others as well as ourselves. This book can be read in less than a day and can change your life. abundance, and there's a summary at the end of every chapter. The author does a great job of simplifying the basics rules of manifesting our desires. I feel this book can appeal to many as it is not loaded up with a lot of heavy reading and will work for everyone, Boy am I happy to have read this book. with gratitude. 'Just Ask The Universe ...' and I felt compelled, I can't wait to start receiving everything on my "want" list. I need to keep working on these concepts....thanks for the great easy read book. it is a great refresher, In other words. I gratefully received it;- Check out Benhito Massaro¡¯s youtube if you are seeing this now, I would have liked more on this. I'm grateful to you and the Universe! I have read a lot of books on manifesting my desires and I loved this little book because:, in all honesty. 3! I've always felt like if I wanted something and thought about it long enough that it would happen, To gain the years of research Michael has done and assimilating the truths into this short book is just outright incredible. and that you might have overlooked.. You can wish them well. I happen to like books such as Wonderful book for all ages, A good read. I pray this little book works, It's completely crazy claims that made me laugh, Samuels does a great job of delivering this knowledge in realistic and

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