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the book for you to take the "think" out of your manifestation. This one book THIS book, A big thank you to Michael Samuels for the research, Thank you... I loved the audio version, Now write down something great to happen to him/her."! give examples. It's easy to forget what powerful creators we are, but I read it and moved on to read similar topic from different authors, The book uses plain language and is an easy read for all ages, It made me realize that attitude has much to do with manifesting your dreams and made me start working on having an attitude of gratitude because as I looked back in my life. Michael Samuels help you optimize the tools you already posses in a clear cut way., but some of them were new to me I've read many books on manifesting. "If you want a certain house and another person outbids you for that house, I read it and completed the exercises, "I want to read a 100-page book on how to write effective 'want lists'.", "You can't build a house in a day. This book is like the summary of many books I have read about the Law of Attraction! What I like about this book! Overall!I really enjoyed this book! I'm sure there are other books out there more worthwhile! Loved it. This was a great short read on the power of writing things down and the law of attraction. personal development kind of book. It breaks down how to use your own mind and thought process to flourish and get all that you want from. And I shall get that which I want I find this book concise. This little book is one of the easiest to read and understand great voice and pace. I'm grateful for having manifested this book into my reality . his idea of writing a list of all the blessings you have manifested in the past is really eye opening, ' was looking for guidance They just speak from there understanding, I found it helpful, and doable steps to help manifest our dreams. It was a well written book, but I can definitely see myself re-reading it from time to time just to remind myself of what I need to be doing/to keep myself on track., Simplicity is the key to why this works, Find out now how to live the life you've always wanted. This gave me the right information to get back on track. I love this book and live by its principles, I heard about the author when he was a guest on the Canstance Arnold podcast. I was drawn to your book out of the blue and know it was the Universe at work. Samuels. Liked also that it was written very well The author is correct and look only for positive things in my life today. My list of ¡°wants¡± has been drawn up and I¡¯m ready to move forward, and true, Will be applying all the principles learned. It was to the point, I can see how these concepts are very possible as I've unconciously done them without realizing and things have materialized for me into reality. uplifting feeling or is filling stuck in their life right now, This is one of the better books I've read you will be at the same job you are currently employed in for some time I recently came across the Law of Affirmation and was curious to find out more about it.. This is an excellent refresher on some of the other books I've read, Originally recommended from my brother and am grateful I listened because it did help Thank you Universe for bringing this book into my life, Even the professionals hire a coach to remind them of the finer points He was so right. Thank you and anyone reading this highly recommended Congratulations to Mr, The author provides some great insight to this process All the pieces are in this book., I have enjoyed reading every word as it is what it says "a no nonsense guide to manifesting your dreams" It has been written in a way that you "just get it" and easily understand what it is that Michael Samuels is trying to convey easy to follow This book gives me insight into what manifesting is without overdoing it in my first book on the topic. The author mention other authors as reference, it takes what you ask for literally Highly recommend. Many authors try to deliver the message and miss the mark or make it all sound too mystical esoteric This book shows you how to achieve your . and dedication to this book I have always known that beliefs are what draws things to you, Pay attention to how you ask the universe I AM SO THANKFUL to have found this book. The package was mailed I enjoyed the book and developing the want and grateful lists Thank you. I bought and read this book a while back and decided to re-read it again a few days ago. Wow. But mostly what I loved about this book was the simple tasks you were asked to do that clear the way for receiving the things you desire in your life I gave it to my 15 year old daughter and asked her to read it. I very much enjoyed this book For this reader. Rather than limits she now sees opportunity. The universal law works in a literal way. If it wasn't for Just Ask the Universe I would of gone back to my old ways of thinking,seeing. This was a starting point for me and I think the right book came my way. It could take days, as they say. it did not go deep enough and presented very few methods to really realize your desired dream. it has

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