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n about yourself and how to have everything you could ever want in your life by specifically focusing on those intentions. & ¡°What does the universe want me to feel instead right now?¡± I am truly inspired by the personal stories that Ms. Valuable information learned. motivate. the way she posted positive meditations for not so positive feelings! Cant wait for the great things coming my way. I just got this book Thursday and love it. & manifest on a daily basis. right from the start. other than that the most attractive thing about it is the pretty cover.. I knew I had to get this book. I can¡¯t wait to incorporate these mini meditations into my daily routine. find the trust in life. That alone is an amazing feeling. you feel your copy is just right for you. My pre-teen daughter saw the book the other day and we talked about it and then she picked it up and read the "Unique" meditation...she then said to me that she loved the meditation and wanted to read more. then this book is definitely for you. It was even bookmarked in the exact place that I needed inspiration for the day. Brilliant book, Dear Universe is priceless. I was skeptical of the power of thinking things into reality appealing to the Universe until I experienced positive resukts through manifesting. In effect. And instead of wondering why. It¡¯s a wonderful resource to change the way I am feeling to move quickly from negative emotions to more positive emotions that serve meSeen this book at barns n noble and I loved everything about it This book is amazing in so many ways, The layout of this book is perfect and the affirmations are good but each page is about the author and something she experienced, Positive affirmations and thoughts to live by, If anything about this book intrigues you. It¡¯s the best book I¡¯ve ever read and it¡¯s a great daily resource to help with any feelings you may have., I have the beautiful book and the Audible version, It has mini meditations you can read, I use it to help me through my life! The combination of Sarah¡¯s personal stories and the mini meditations is a perfect compliment to her Manifesting studies, Lovely, I am enjoying the book very much, Thank you Sarah Prout, choosing a topic and the reading on that subject! It has a meditation for any struggle you may face, Thanks Sara for sharing your love with all of Us, The basic asspmption of the book is naive and rather silly - I mean the fashionable idea of praying to the universe. and meditations. that's ok. It's already gotten me through a rough time, look up your emotion and quickly reference a mini meditation to help release it The book is very good! May Sarah Prout continue to prosper on her journey! I also go back depending on what I am feeling to follow the meditations. and just her magic at manifesting and I've found that I've been able to look up multiple feelings at once to find the best affirmation for me in the moment.. ground you or just for inspiration? Book is beautiful. They apply to daily life with ways to generate excellent living skills through joyful actions.. A lovely book filled with suggested meditations for manifesting the life you want and need. This book is beautifully designed. too.. or if are new and want to learn more about it quick and easy to understand, She gives the high and lows in this book, The book is filled with meditations to inspire. Very helpful to remain out of fear and into love, There are also 100 love based meditations to help you achieve the feeling/emotion you are aiming for at any given moment.. simple to understand and easy to use. and I need his meditations to stay focused every day, Thank you Sarah. feel! The moment I opened this book. I love this book. You will be amazed by this book and by Sarah¡¯s journey. And then you can move on to how to help yourself feel better!! love based emotion! during a trying time in my life, like the title said, Her real life examples confirms that anything you wish can be manifested if you are open and grateful!One of my favorite components of this book is that you can search for and find the emotion you¡¯re feeling and immediately read a short and powerful segment of Dear Universe and get your mindset straight.! Wonderfully reassuring and empowering it is the perfect book tip keep handy for realigning your thought each day and keeping positivity and motivation in your life. Love it, Thank you so much Sarah. other times just for a few minutes love. my day seems to flow so much easier and it has also made me become more aware to Journal everyday and be thankful and show gratitude for your life, Thank you. Thank you SarahBeautiful book with amazing content. the path that Sarah Prout took to rising above, Unique. Never been disappointed. If you are struggling with anything in your life, beautiful book. I manifested getting my new home and it happened! Blessed be. It teaches us to learn from experiences whether positive or negative no matter the feelings. Even my young kids are getting excited to use it, for a book we both can share Will keep it close by to read over and over. This book is so easy peasy it works ! It came at the right time in my life. Thank you, It¡¯s also helpful when consoling friends who are going through things. I really love this book. I have the Dear Universe card set and it has helped to transform my life by training my brain to be more positive in my thought process. Just as important as rising above is giving gratitude for all that is well.. I reccomend it to anyone who is having a bad day and feeling down, or disconnected. almost like affirmations. I highly recommend it. It's filled with so many great meditations and it's filled with wisdom from the Universe! This isn¡¯t always easy in today¡¯s time but Dear Universe gives you that time and dedicated it to focusing on your true desires and direction for manifesting those desires in a positive! I've already read and reread and will continue to read her helpful suggestions. I think it's very well written, I bought one for myself and was so impressed. This book is amazing, Very helpful. I recommend this book. Beautifully written. Very touching. that this book is so personalized to each reader, I love this magical, Praying to the universe is like praying to a lunar crater or a passing comet. I follow Sarah Prout on social media, Dear Universe ROCKS!! and so grateful for this book and Sarah. This book is full of amazing information to help you become one with yourself and just help with your everyday life. The book itself is gorgeous too. lov

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