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given me the confidence I need to, I honestly feel like I just read something magical This got me started revisiting again what the law of attraction is really all about. yet was very meaningful. Constance Arnold, Really enjoyed reading this book as it provided a detailed breakdown of the way to live and achieve your goals. I recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn how to manifest things into they¡¯re lives. what he was saying is correct . Sometimes the same information presented in a different way gives you a different understanding. and the law of attraction in general have to say. but my husband has all of those traits and more, A theme written by hundreds of sutures. A year ago I was in a terrible slump then I read The Magic by Rhonda Byrne My personal belief system makes me feel somewhat awkward talking to my subconscious, It 'boils down' information from several sources ( which he credits) to an easily readable narrative with instructions. I have never written a review for a book before. For me. I love the other book recommendations at the end of the book, Not bad specially for its' very cheap price but i was seriously expecting more from this. It was a good read. This is information I have read before but always nice to be reminded because it is so easy to fall into a negative pattern. My 55 years have taught me that we get what we deserve! A short book on manifestation. Daisy Fabelo. Stay away from this BS, thank you Michael. It had good content, "Just ask the Universe". There is no science backing the complete nonsense written in this book, Just Ask the Universe. what you think about grows. easy to understand and do. "Think of a workout - you won't develop muscles after one workout. If you have no experience with law of attraction But I am sure you won't mind it. This book has uplifted my feelings and has driven me to move forward and work toward my goals.. Be specific in everything you ask for. Just ask the universe Very clear and understandable. I loved the message and advice given to help manifest success in ones life.. I will look for more from this author.. Pulled me out of a slump and I am excited about my future now. or ugly I just finished this simple yet profound explanation on how to use LOA in your life. Two other areas of further reflection are the concepts of maintaining gratitude for what one does have and/or receives. Keep them in mind but not obsess on them. how to change them and how to change up the dynamic of my life for the greater good. e.g.. This is the first book I have come across that is precise and to the point without any padding and going on and on ad infinitum! Nice work by the author and an easy and enjoyable read. or bow that adorns the gift- that demonstrates the love and care for the recipient. In those other books. by lovingly and expectantly nurturing my "I want" seeds. It was easy to read and offered a lot of seeds for growth and further development. but once you're in that zone, money, The authors writes like he is sitting right next to you having a conversation. I've recommended it to numerous people and will continue to very well read! Believe it, but this book provided a clear and simple method for it's practice, I really enjoyed reading it! I super enjoyed reading this book! after reading and studying other books! My AHA moment came when 7 of the authors inspirations are authors I've read or am currently reading!! For readers just learning about manifesting, this overview will fill in the gap for many who felt that The Secret didn't quite say enough. I found that I had been over thinking how to use the law of attraction, The chapters spell out what you need to do. Everything takes time.", I have hope now! and prosperity one step by day! Another wonderful book by Michael Samuels, "It took _some time_ for that small acorn to grow into a big tree."! The author offers no excuses! intelligence and information. It wasn't quite as detail-oriented as I normally like in a book. and also an excellent starting point for those who are just beginning, A simple read about attracting what you want. that came true but also to reflect on the many blessings you already have in your life!I have read numerous books on this subject and he puts this in simple ideas to practice and believe. and you will be surprised, I really enjoyed reading this Book, We ask for things with thanksgiving and gratitude, You can tell the author knows what he is talking about. It feels good to write it out and realize how much I have actually received in my life instead of focusing on lack! I have read this book twice now. it feels like a miracle. Write down detailed thoughts about you want, however. some the Universe. although these types of books help me in a lot of ways. To everyone who has dreams! and it helps put things back in perspective. This little book gets right to the point with interesting stories. but it will change your life I promise, But it's been a very long time since I have felt this much hope and inspiration. "You will have to give in order to receive.". Helpful exercises. when you really don't have control over what other people have, If it does not already exis

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