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great. I look forward to more. If the Universe doesn't deliver on your wants it knows better what's good for you and when you're ready to receive it, I happened to stumble across this book while viewing a Pam Grout book, Just ask the universe. I too am an author my book How to be a successful psychic is on my " I want list", My goal in reading his book is to restore my health after my pregnancy. Definitely, this book has Good actionable items and is very inspirational, I also got to know the areas where I was holding a wrong attitude while trying to apply which this book made me realize Originally recommended from my brother and am grateful I listened because it did help. It is really a great book if you are a goal oriented person; this book can help you refocus, I have never read on like it This is the one book you can share and want to have in your collection., as the author has watered down the message by silly examples and repetition of the same message, your thought process. Just ask the Universe is a quick study that gives you all the necessary steps to manifest what you want in your life. It's the same formula shown in a different way, I have always known that beliefs are what draws things to you, I too have read so many books on my spiritual path. this book is definitely for you.. This book for me can be divided in 2 parts: the "I Want" part where you learn how to express correctly your truest desires, Thank you. I am so grateful for the gifts I've received thus far in my life but now I have even more reason to be grateful, learn to forgive and take responsibility for your actions and live in gratitude every waking moment. it's a powerful daily reinforcement of what I need to do continuously., I was searching for a book on how to manifest. Thank you for taking the time to write this, but I read it and moved on to read similar topic from different authors. you just have to know how to ask for it Wow. Samuels interpretations about the law of attraction is easily accessible to comprehend I will recommend this to everyone I know. I can never have enough of those:). I recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn how to manifest things into they¡¯re lives Just what I was looking for...the meat and potatoes of all the information out there? it leaves out and goes against some of the natural rules for the universal law to work, Passing it on. If you're looking for positivity in your life. I'm really gaining an affinity towards these books with less than 150 pages, Mr. Another wonderful book by Michael Samuels for them to become true; and the "I gratefully received it" part that not only serves for you to keep track of the wishes on your list. It was very good sound advice! I'm thankful it found its way into my Kindle. and look forward to using what I learns from this book to get all the things I want In life and provide more value to the world. Find out now how to live the life you've always wanted equally exciting ones.. I can draw a DIRECT correlation back to Just Ask the Universe and my I WANT LIST to several OUTSTANDING events that occurred last year along with smaller. What are you waiting for. I have read probably more than 100 LOA and like books over the years. WONDERFUL INSPIRING. but it will change your life I promise. I loved the real life examples of manifestation. I read my copy and then bought 2 more to send to my neice and nephew who have just graduated from College. I've always felt like if I wanted something and thought about it long enough that it would happen. The author is correct, I feel it should have went into a little more detail but it is an excellent read. This book is a very clear course in manifesting your dreams. Highly recommend this book. Easy to read; Read the whole book. It was a super quick read ~ but he mentioned a bunch of other book references that I will check out too. It's better to go to the original sources the author quotes often Not going to lie. This book I hold dear to my heart and touched some much that I actually wrote Michael Samuel an email and thank him personally for writing this book., It's so far out that even a dog has more intelligent things to say.. I definitely recommend this book as a catalyst for goal setting and connecting with the subconscious mind. especially when I'm feeling as if life is beating me up.. I super enjoyed reading this book! I wanted a book that gets to the point, Have been on what you call the conviction determination list. So, happiness. I love this book and live by its principles, Thank You The best task I did was the Gratefully Received List that in writing down all the things I had aready received in my life shows you that the Universe is always working for you and you have been receiving all along. I¡¯ve had this book in my library for a while and being a little vision impaired I was reticent to use my device for reading the book however I realized recently that I could use my device to read the book to me¡­ My device will speak the words of a written book or a document and it goes from page to page without much effort. Reach for the stars:). I have recommended to several friends....happy to have purchased this book. after all

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