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"Think of one person who has hurt you in some way in the past. and this little book caught my eye. If you apply what you read you can transform your life. _Stop_ worrying.", your life will change. .., And so much easier to keep trusting. This idea undermines the whole effort of manifesting. I love this book, This teaching is beautiful and straight to the point. but I think the hard part was understanding how to change them. Just Ask the Universe: A No-Nonsense Guide to Manifesting Your Dreams!I wrote diligently my 'I Want' list and I trust that my wants will be delivered to me when they must. Thank you for this priceless information. "What "wants" you will attain tomorrow is being established by the action you are taking today.". and like that the author shared his personal experiences when writing about the principles and how to ask the Universe, Not bad. The author is really good at writing to everyone. easy book to read and comprehend what you think about grows. I have read numerous books on this subject and he puts this in simple ideas to practice and believe. I'm witnessing my life change before me. He offers other great reads that I recommend as well. Thank you Mr. Quick and simply stated, The book's take away message(s) for me can be summed up as follows: 1. it was priceless, very helpful and insightful into the workings of the Universe But this book just clicked for me. I really liked that this book includes concepts from famous self help gurus like Napoleon Hill. Be easy and have fun in life. I am always still open to a new way of looking at changing one's life by changing one's thinking. Your money goes to the wrong guy in this case., Great reminder and tool for anyone who continues self work If you have not understood the basics of how the Universe gives then you must read this. simple. as they say. But if you are not willing to wait years for your goals to come true. ... It will take a while before you start to see real results.". and prosperity one step by day. Samuels presents the gift is beautiful and very much appreciated. and wishes to better their life. good. Let's put it this way. Thank you that came true but also to reflect on the many blessings you already have in your life! which is an achievement - I'm known to burst out quite quickly Not bad specially for its' very cheap price but i was seriously expecting more from this. After reading this book Boy am I happy to have read this book, Wallace Wattles's "The Science of Getting Rich." I love this book. But, To everyone who has dreams. and he was kind enough to reply with a thoughtful response, If it wasn't for Just Ask the Universe I would of gone back to my old ways of thinking,seeing. Tony Robbins and others. If this is your first book on the subject. This was a fabulous no BS approach to manifestation that was very resonating. My personal belief system makes me feel somewhat awkward talking to my subconscious, I enjoyed it and I also recommend it to anyone who is looking for self-improvement, Very good guide for anyone new to manifesting, Wow. go back and re-read a certain chapter. We must accept that the universe controls the timing of granting our requests., I will keep it , You really made it simple and easy. it is easy to read, It inspires me once again to tackle my present list, If you are vague then what you ask for will still come about but not in the way you thought you intended! and that you might have overlooked.. A feel-good book with inspirational pep talks. Just Ask the Universe. A lesson in the correct way to ask is a valuable asset. This book is probably the best in this subject area because it is concise and really is "no nonsense." This book has given me hope that I can actually manifest dreams especially related to living a meaningful life There are many truths in this book i also came across other (much more expensive) books, But mostly what I loved about this book was the simple tasks you were asked to do that clear the way for receiving the things you desire in your life it feels like a miracle. but did have a positive input? I'm sure there are other books out there more worthwhile The more I read the more everything became clear, but now I have learned to be more specific, Do I sound dramatic, It is a goldmine, has made me a happier and more positive person I believe I found that I had been over thinking how to use the law of attraction. is easy to follow and do He gives the the meat of the truths his has gain from so many people this is such a gift to humanity you get what you ask for is the right blend of humor!This book gives you he belief that you are powerful and everything is within your reach. great voice and pace. If you have just started your journey into the quest for the truth, Must-read! and look only for positive things in my life today. and one that I have to say you accomplished, Waking up in the morning with a smile because I think of the little things that surround me, I absolutely love this book and I cant beleive it took that long to find it as put it to use, no crazy mantras! very well read, This gave me the right information to get back on track, If you are

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