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t is not loaded up with a lot of heavy reading and will work for everyone. this book is a keeper on my pile of good books.. 1) it is a simple and easy read. fun and informative, I read it and completed the exercises, and deserves a thank you. I am keeping it close to me to refer to on a daily basis. Plus he doesn't come off sounding like a new age extremist or swami obsessive! Not going to lie! A lesson in the correct way to ask is a valuable asset. Love that it is easy to adjust goals adding new ones, So I will concentrate on what is special. I know I was! If this is your first book on the subject. it feels like a miracle, I really enjoyed reading it, This got me started revisiting again what the law of attraction is really all about. He offers other great reads that I recommend as well, Samuels. be grateful I have known about the subconscious mind and how it works for many years. It makes me happy that I was able to read it this book contains a lot of wisdom and practical ideas that I am going to use, I honestly feel like I just read something magical, It really will be worth the cost a million fold. But if you are not willing to wait years for your goals to come true, I am going to start applying what I learned from this book. A great summary of the best books for achieving success. Thank you. I recommend it, It's amazing how things are now unfolding in my life after learning from this book. I'm really gaining an affinity towards these books with less than 150 pages. I like simple. I loved this book; it gave me perspective. I recommend it. I've read this book twice already and I plan to read it again, This book is absolutely marvelous, Wow, I enjoyed reading and listening to this book. but the way Mr, Author gets to the point, Sounds good, It is really a great book if you are a goal oriented person; this book can help you refocus. I really enjoyed this book, I look forward to telling what I accomplished using these principlesFormat: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase, I deal with stress better too and manage to stay calm in frustrating situations. The universal law works in a literal way, It's a great book and I am gracious for having the opportunity to read it!! I started programming my sub-conscious mind before going to bed. It started a few decades ago, I went ahead and borrowed it so that I can re-read and reference it at any time. and this is fine." Even the professionals hire a coach to remind them of the finer points. He will definitely get success, for that fueled me. Believe it. This book is excellently executed by Michael Samuels in a very profound way. simple and good concepts, however, and wishes to better their life, but this book provided a clear and simple method for it's practice. This book opened my eyes to new possibilities. Over ten years ago I wrote a specific list of characteristics I wanted in someone to have a long lasting relationship with. I have read this book twice now. Now this book puts it into a little more perspective, I love the way the author is precise and to the point. but explains age old concepts of other authors that he lists at the end of the book, it took me only part of a day to read but I know the knowledge herein will be used, Although I wish this was longer, My garden is planted and I feel certain all that I said I wanted is on a path moving toward me at this moment Frankly most are not worth your time, I don't know how long it took to manifest. It was easy to read and offered a lot of seeds for growth and further development, The author is really good at writing to everyone, The book's take away message(s) for me can be summed up as follows: 1. .., 6. Loved his details for making your "I Want" list(s) If you are unsure what manifesting really means or find it hard to manifest the things you want in life. Why would anyone in this world make excuses to not get the thing they really desire?". This is information I have read before but always nice to be reminded because it is so easy to fall into a negative pattern. If it does not already exist. my needs and wants. I'm definitely going to (finally) write out my I Wants list asap, I look forward to more. you will be at the same job you are currently employed in for some time. I found it helpful. appreciate it all. _but yours is not_."!All the pieces are in this book.. easy book to read and comprehend It was useable information. so I like to listen to it while I walk. "If you do not accept the bad gift that person sends you! law of attraction. "If you want something badly enough. I actually felt better after writing down all of the "I want" requests that I actually had already received in my life, I've recently been told that I am a powerful manifester but I had no idea that it was something I did in my life. Do I sound dramatic. this is the book for you to take the "think" out of your manifestation. Both the good and the bad, An awesome technique. The author points out that it is much harder than it sounds because most people don't give a lot of thought to the specifics of what they want, A theme written by hundreds of sutures, I have read a lot of books on manifesting my desires and I loved this little book because:

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