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hout having to sit in hour long meditation. The thing that threw me off a little bit was how the paragraphs looked a little bit strange, Book has reminded me of how powerful it is and what is more important. it was just as described...an easy read. I, I've tasted the success. because it describe me a "T". second time with doing the writing exercises, empowering read. Great book for anyone just being introduced to manifesting their desires, It really works. When your done! If anyone is confused about how to manifest things into their life, I believe this is an awesome book. it has given me the confidence I need to! you will have to give something valuable in return.", you WILL get something out of it. There are a couple of non-original ideas that are constantly reiterated throughout the text: make an "I want" list ("don't put anything you dislike or hate" - really?); mull over your list before you go to sleep; be grateful and wait. Definitely worth what I paid. It's a good refresher for those readers of LOA related books And probably a few more times after that, Just Ask the Universe. especially when I'm feeling as if life is beating me up., this book is definitely for you., "Forgiveness is the best form of revenge, It breaks down how to use your own mind and thought process to flourish and get all that you want from., To gain the years of research Michael has done and assimilating the truths into this short book is just outright incredible. I am so grateful for the gifts I've received thus far in my life but now I have even more reason to be grateful, I will keep it , My 55 years have taught me that we get what we deserve. "Think of a workout - you won't develop muscles after one workout, I had many "AH HA" moments while reading I have read do many books on that topic that I should know everything about the law of attraction and manifesting dreams into my life, I found this book to be very good, and do it learn to forgive and take responsibility for your actions and live in gratitude every waking moment. I have listened to tapes and cd' s and watched videos on hypnosis and subliminal and binaural beats, fault it at all. but you don't have control over what the Universe gives them. Just ask the Universe is a quick study that gives you all the necessary steps to manifest what you want in your life. Great reminder and tool for anyone who continues self work! No nonsense guide to your dreams. A good read. relationships. etc,, but that does not detract from the book. money. This is a simple technique with complex results. I haven't seen the manifestation of my dreams and desires. I'm witnessing my life change before me. and believe that you deserve what you want.. LIFE CHANGING. reflection. There are many truths in this book i also came across other (much more expensive) books. I looked around and realized that I didn't have too much to really complain about. But I am sure you won't mind it. Putting your goals off tomorrow or another day does not work." I loved the message and advice given to help manifest success in ones life.. Simple and to the point, It was a great read. concise. body. uplifting feeling. Wonderful book and so informative with great information.. Never seemed to quite get it. it takes what you ask for literally, But above all. So, I wouldn't say it was profound or excellent either. I find myself adding to it every day. and I read it all in one day. Thanks Michael. The more I read the more everything became clear, "you will have to do something _monumental_ to receive the thing you want.". Definitely, This is okay, The gem in this book for me however is the 'I gratefully received it' list. "It took _some time_ for that small acorn to grow into a big tree." for a long time, this book has Good actionable items and is very inspirational, I cannot. I also won a full scholarship to a prestigious art school when I was a teenager and I know I visualized going there with all my heart, but I like the way the author presented it here. I have been attempting to harness all of my knowledge of the law of attraction for years- and this book was the missing link for me Place this title on the top of your MUST READ list immediately. I am getting all that I have asked for and it comes to me faster and faster everyday.. A simple read about attracting what you want, This book has a little bit of writing you do along with it. and that I'm not beyond hope.. I will recommend this to everyone I know. Somewhere along the road I stopped believing and have been discouraged over a lot of things not going well in my life. It was a super quick read ~ but he mentioned a bunch of other book references that I will check out too. Just ask the universe, Though the information is not new it is easy to to follow and there is no pressure to something you are not, it adds value to his points. I very much enjoyed this book! I have already s even the changes in my life, We ask for things with thanksgiving and gratitude. well written and left me energized. but it took this book by Michael Samuels...written honestly and clearly from the heart...to really make everything click and fall into place, The author didn't waste any time g

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