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eople you don't like. Generally much the same as in other Low of Attraction books. and everything else associated with it, It was useable information If it does not already exist. and believe that you deserve what you want.. as many would, That was the start of it all. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who believes in the law of attraction. that I am doing it correctly. you ether get and act on it or you don't .. I like this simple easy reading. i improved my thoughts and gained lot, I've recently been told that I am a powerful manifester but I had no idea that it was something I did in my life. I have been working on manifesting for awhile now and have great faith that all of my dreams will indeed manifest for me This is not enough if you want to know everything about the law of attraction, This book is excellent. Since my hand is cramped from all the writing I will cut this review short....lol Referred this book to a friend after my first read and she already purchased.. I am sincerely grateful for this book. My copy of the book highlighted here and there, I found it helpful. However when I needed a clear cut guide and description on what was happening in my life how it came about. "I want to read a 100-page book on how to write effective 'want lists'.". and it reinforced the importance of positive thoughts! The Universe brought me your book when I needed it most. If you can continue to live in a fantasy land while real life beats the hell out of you. By laying a brick perfectly every day of the year, I have known about the subconscious mind and how it works for many years. I very much enjoyed this book, I couldn't help but smile writing the second list. Get the book and read it again and again, Whether you are new to the concept. For this reader. To gain the years of research Michael has done and assimilating the truths into this short book is just outright incredible. So many of the books that I have read on this subject always made me feel like I must be doing something wrong. Another great book on how to manifest anything in life The words in this teaching may have echoed through time eternal. I don't usually do the self help books because my mind starts to wander. and the law of attraction. This was a great read Michael Samuels teaches a step by step approach to the Law of Attraction. Somewhere along the road I stopped believing and have been discouraged over a lot of things not going well in my life. There are so many books out there that are about manifesting. it has put it into a workable format that I am going to use. An awesome technique with gratitude. I believe this is an awesome book. mind. I heard of this concept before. This was a great short read on the power of writing things down and the law of attraction. It's a great book and I am gracious for having the opportunity to read it! Plus he doesn't come off sounding like a new age extremist or swami obsessive. I've recommended it to numerous people and will continue to. and I can't quite put my finger on it but this one feels different. It is not a long book and gets straight to the point so you can get started right away. I had a chill time writing the lists as encouraged by the author. The authors writes like he is sitting right next to you having a conversation, you will be at the same job you are currently employed in for some time, He shows an absolutely astonishing piece of work from his first book. set goals This book was well written and I enjoyed it! There is no science backing the complete nonsense written in this book, and also an excellent starting point for those who are just beginning, I cannot! Pay attention to how you ask the universe! abundance! and makes you feel motivated to complete the exercises!! For readers just learning about manifesting, My desire for my snook to enhance and guide others on their psychic work from home paths. something I'd lost in the last few years, My greatest manifestation..... I even posed some questions to the author, This book is very easy to read! and dedication to this book! 3, It was a well written book! clearly now than the way I use to! For me. But I am sure you won't mind it. I have read several spiritual books, Good Book. positive easy to read book!It was a great read. Buy it, If you have struggled to manifest with the law of attraction for any period of time, I was always able to manifest things good and bad wanted and unwanted without realizing what I was doing, but as always. The author provides some great insight to this process! The chapters spell out what you need to do. for that fueled me. It made me realize that attitude has much to do with manifesting your dreams and made me start working on having an attitude of gratitude because as I looked back in my life, Yes. e.g.. Straight to the point. Nice work by the author and an easy and enjoyable read! It helps to know that various kinds of people can learn this and that I'm not the only one struggling. but some of them were new to me. or their health or well being, I don't know how long it took to manifest. I was curious about the manifestation movement but did not want to commit on reading an extensive book

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