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e, Love this book Dear Universe too, and empowering. And I love it I could do without the inclusion of her the author¡¯s personal stories woven into it! I feel like it is a reference book that could come in handy many times throughout every day of your life. Amazing! It will convince you that if you truly believe anything is possible! Everything in this book is based off negative emotions. If you want help changing your thinking and changing your life! It really helps me to focus on different areas and gives great ideas!This book is not only inspiring but enlightening. Easy to use... The manifestions are powerful and the stories from the heart, I was skeptical of the power of thinking things into reality appealing to the Universe until I experienced positive resukts through manifesting. It reads more like a diary than a self-help book This book is fantastic. This book has helped me to get through on several occasions. and I get a relatable story, too.! Her story is so relatable to what I have been through. This book is amazing in so many ways, The other resources share what is available to practice this mindset muscle even further for anyone¡¯s life., Can't wait to continue reading it.. I do find the inclusion of affirmations to be beneficial, There are stories leading up to the affirmations for 200 different feelings. I continue my manifestations with great faith, and thank you universe, inspiration and hope, and an inspiration. all I can say is, Very inspiring, gratitude and love, to Sarah so transparent and know she has been though a lot of what everyone has been though , with beautiful delicate illustration and above all her heart is in every word on every page within each letter. I absolutely love love love Dear Universe.., I'll be using it every day, I just Purchased this book and im still reading it I am enjoying my copy of Dear Universe. It is something I enjoy daily. It not only looks amazing it is amazing so helpful. So this review is for a soothing and encouraging voice from the author/narrator! it made me an instant fan. I love this book. A RECIPE BOOK about emotions and there are plenty of recipes here to choose from based on your mental frame of mind in the circumstances of daily life.! I enjoyed the format and layout. Give me peace and assurance that the Universe is on my side. This book is every bit of my expectations and more. Great job Sarah. bad . and things have slowly started falling into place I really like this wonderful little book. Love! I am so glad I came across this book and highly recommend it to people. It's very well written and it's helpful and uplifting. I have my first one to my 16 year old Granddaughter.! As well as keeping one for myself! and pulling in all the best feelings possible as everyone can have EVERYTHING because you took inspired actions out of LOVE. They're not always desirable feelings. Dear Universe ROCKS So much insight to help improve life and your surroundings. quick and easy to understand, Loved this new book from Sarah!!! Now I will use the Mantras for when I meditate. I have ordered a few for gifts and when my friends see Dear Universe. such a high quality book with heavy duty pages and a bookmark included. Sarah for all that you do and for all the love that you share thru your work, I have ordered 4 books!!! this book is a must. Definitely worth it to have this book. sad etc, Thank you for this wonderful! In life i learned a lot good. It looks beautiful on my coffee table and the meditations inside are even more so. The meditations are insightful & inspirational. A very personal story and inspiring ways to manifest the better you! this will help you immensely.. I believe in reincarnation and I believe in energy of the universe so it was a no brainer when I bought her book. Thanks Sara i Am do happy. We have a shop copy for our clients at Maven's Moon and several have ordered their own copy. read. I couldnt put it down. I¡¯ve been reading it and listening to it on audible for a couple of days now and I just bought my new house. after being upgraded to release date delivery for free. Whenever I¡¯m in need to connect with the Universe regarding my current mood! I carry this book in my purse and use it on an hour by hour basis for my feelings! Any one can be in tuned with the Universe by following Sarah¡¯s ways of explaining the importance of feelings and how each feeling can effect the direction of your life and dreams! I absolutely recommend this book. I so far love it cuz its full of affirmative positive statementOrdered the book because I owe Sarah Prout big time for her manifesting ritual, This book has honestly been Iike my other bible, and Manifesting. Thank you. After reading threw the entire book daily. The book is jam packed with beautiful meditations for all emotional states, I absolutely love this book, Don't skip past Part 1. My favorite go to meditation book. It links the fear based feelings with higher vibrations to further your healing., depending on my mood I will choose the meditation for that day. we all need a magically manifested life, I just love this book. I started reading and utilizing it almost immediately. I wish all of the meditations were recorded by themselves so you can just jump to the one you want and not have to listen to all the talking. choosing a topic and the reading on that subject, Thank you. Very well organized to find exactly what I want to read. It is my intention to share this book with many, I love Mrs Sarah Prout teaches us how to tap into that hidden section of our minds and become closer to the Universe (higher power) to live the life we have always dreamed of, Less than 5 minutes you can get a mini-meditation, JUST PLACE YOUR ORDER and the YOUNIVERSE (Universe) has your back everytime., Covers so many areas! I do like the layout with negative emotions/positive emotions and cross referencing one to the other to provide a more positive outlook. The book provides a wonderful reminder that we have the power within ourselves for anything and everything.!Sarah Prout is a beautiful soul who has blessed us with this fantastic book, and a manifestation meditation for that emotion and three love based emotions to meditate on! This book is great, It's helped me in a hundred different ways throughout the week, and I've found that I've been able to look up multiple feelings at once to find the best affirmation for me in the moment.! Lovely! I have listening so far the audible and read the digital version! and so grateful for this book and Sarah. rising above negativity.

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