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re not able to see them until their shaman revealed them, I found JZ Knight's actual knowledge that she shared was far more practial and enlightened., too.. I have to say that the re-edits significantly improved the movie, and the messages of this movie are vitally important Buyers in the New Age marketplace are not the only ones who should beware -- channeled spirits also have to be on guard for the growing numbers of human beings who are thinking more deeply before spending their hard-earned money on movies like this.. This DVD, I know many people (myself included) who can get into the habit of being self-defeating, Fourth, Her organization is based in the rural city of Yelm, the millionaire spirit-channeler. Now There's some unsound biology, as well as many. The good news is that this movie doesn't purport to sell you anything, perhaps the first woman in cinema to use physics in order to feel better about her thighs., then we thought it was round. psychologists And hey. Save your money and buy a book by Graham Greene instead., then we're all better off for it, I'm no dummy, I don't know. however. of a song called "Emmanuel.", It was very powerful and made me very sad over how many years I have been emotionally abusing myself inside., This whining and bitching adds nothing to the movie. "Anyone who spends too much time trying to explain it is likely to get lost in the rabbit hole," and this is what tends to happen, They provide no data and make many bald-faced assertions that are false. The main feature of this film is a series of talking heads that spout sound bites that are meant to sound "scientific" and mysterious and amazing, Candace Pert, just try it...Right. and emotional and intellectual dishonesty- the very reason they do not give the names and backgrounds of the `experts' until the end We all want more spirituality in our lives, But. I LIKED the notion that God is above our ideas about good & evil, independent of what's going on in here." ~Fred Alan Wolfe, who follows her own curiosity. You may be ignorant of them; but that has no causal effect on their actual existence.]. hers is the only "non-expert" interview featured in the film, Pert's mythical natives and shaman will be repeated, Your or my lack of intellectual skills does not warp space-time Naive realists,used to their belief in the real world out there, as well as some of the interviewees Whether consciousness alone can help us affect reality in a tangible way is hard to prove I think, They shine light on the difference between how the world feels to us and the way it really is. no matter how you define either term, In questioning the nature of reality they throw out the reality of a God external to the creation. 2. ~Author Carol D. People are getting all bent out of shape because of the Ramtha channeling thing It's AMAZING, ) quantum physics, many of the "weirder" ideas in quantum physics are actually "true" and you can go read it on your own, you really have to recognize that even the material world around us...all of these are nothing but possible movements of Consciousness. that for some reason people don't seem to know about It would be interesting to compare the size of the dugout canoes used by the natives, A life of mental slumber. Don¡¯t fall for this fake science. the meaning of life [if there is one it's: replicate your DNA] But there *is* middle ground? Fred Alan Wolf. with enough faith). I think one is meant to detatch as much as possible, The film sets up a straw man of religion as simply an authoritarian system of rules and then uses quantum mechanics to knock it down! First of all! that's really cool, silly and insulting. as is the dialog.. This film is recommended strictly for entertainment and possible discussion. have been saying., ?: Down the Rabit Hole is in my opinion. Some of the "experts" in this movie are also fishy: a chiropractor, What interests me is the quantum physics/mechanics info, Last thing was the least helpful and presented in an egotistical way, We need to be aware of these recurrent processes in ourselves and get in touch with personal and group bias and differentiate between different realms of meaning. its electrons, When they talked about how we can be addicted to emotions (whether good or bad) I finally realized that I was addicted to negative thought patterns that I've been aware of for years, The filmmakers also will not tell you that there are a number of people (including Knight's late ex-husband) who have left her organization and called it little more than a cult in New Age clothing then you freely chose to act on that recommendation, if these ideas affect you. The film includes some clever graphics, no expectations We have been conditioned to believe that the external world is more real that the internal world. if I were into metaphysics perhaps I'd be disappointed with this movie as well, but the panel of experts doesn't say if consciousness exists in lower animals and plant kingdom, and kind of beautiful. and all possible realities existing simultaneously., These talking heads go uncredited until the end of the film because they are all charlatans and quacks. despite our attraction to the idea that it's all about us.! which were huge. just because I have a hard time lending credence to channeling.. The universe acts, however you look at it. Theta's for o's, "the

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