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e but not a drop to drink, It's strange that a majority of the people rated this movie 5-star and "good yet most of the supposedly "helpful" reviews tore the movie a new one., Excelente, The beauty part of this movie is that it demonstrates the coincidence (or coinciding) of science and quantum physics with metaphysics (or spirituality). its a start. I am a microbiologist and not some space cadet. The shorter edition of What the Bleep was very good. This movie is fun to watch and fun to think about and talk about afterwords. read about "Matrix Energitics" or "The Field.", Ms. I'M SO HAPPY THEY OFFER IT ON YOU KINDLE. played by Marlee Matlin. But having been aware of most of the ideas mentioned before hand. It basically turned my view on the world upside down? a little Victorian woman from New England wrote. Sides B of CDs #1 and #2 are even more additional interviews., The non Amazon vendor sent it to me in less than a week in great condition Perth for the neuropeptides (and also her second book). but not more than that. and Edward Acheson none of the 209 people who offered their opinions here would have had the platform to do it, It answers these questions in a very profound way, This DVD views the Universe primarily from the Quantum Physics point of view only, but, Well acted story line. I enjoy "this kind" of thing but this one was a loser from the gate That really turned me off, that you have from time-to-time that mysteriously come true, The study on Water is perhaps the most amazing and thought provoking segment. The closer we get to a critical mass, You will get many hours of entertainment and insight from this set, This is an interesting documentary-type film that will give you a new perspective, Plenty easy for the beginner to understand as well., I think many of the ideas are well-presented and will stimulate you to think if you watch the film with some degree of open-mindedness. Which is kind of sad. the message is all positive. A deep and challenging experience that I highly recommend to those seeking for eternal answers in these most troubling times! I thought the "we" in the title was in reference to the human race. CD #1 side A has the ortiginal theatrical version with about a hour of additional interviews on side B. before you watch, Science and mysticism unite. Incredible, That's all religions like Christianity are. quite strange, a boxed set. You will get it. Science advances so fast these days that the content of this DVD won't stand the test of time, I'm not sure how I feel about everything the video examined, One chiropractor. I just happen to be on the love side - but you know what, This is a big part of putting pieces together. It will make you question what is real, In general: Worth seeing for the neuropeptides. This movie is without question my favorite of all time. it was founded by astronaut Edgar Mitchell, I purchased this DVD after reading some great reviews. that's been termed "intellect totally devoid of intelligence". I have to be honest and say I haven't watched the whole thing because I couldn't get through it - TWICE. This movie changed the way I look at life, and it also knocks the concept of religion. that may be that they had never seen a ship, especially if you adhere to traditional expressions of religion.. Seeing themovie inspires one to do more research on the subject. Rose, "There is no matter," (Mary Baker Eddy, particularly from the perspective healing ones own body. This thing was the biggest piece of crap I've ever seen. The film does have some weaknesses in in some of its special effects and it does tend to drone on too much about some points. I understand that it was fragmented, that those people in the movie are not new age gurus but hot shot scientists who know exactly what they are talking about., I am always curious about how life came to be and what purpose a human life is supposed to be in this world. She is a pill-popping curmudgeon at the start; however a series of events bring an awareness that she has been greatly contributing to her negative life experience by habitually looking for the dark side of things, It is NOT simply the power of positive thinking. A great prelude to "The Secret". I guess its for adults who are open, but the universe as a whole, It is more religious than scientific I think. So I saw the popular cult movie What tHe {bleep} Do we (k)now It was hard enough to follow the "water intelligence" theory. That is not just a waste of intellect. which was a huge focus of The Secret., I think I will have to watch it several times to get everything out of it. The materializing of the precognitions did not accidentally materialize - but certainly gives some interesting perspectives to think about. whatever are inadequate to the task of explaining the unexplainable and yet 'Bleep' provides a link and a path to understanding makes the never-ending search not only worthwhile but sustaining. Pioneering our evolution. those type of meds require that you be weened off of them or experience seizures and sometimes coma, Note "Quantum" theories are not for big "things" like humans, Intermittently. I really prefer this edition over the original If you see this movie in your channel lineup

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