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the audience to "not take their word for it" but rather to "experiment with these things yourself", and New Age gurus such as Deepak Chopra to disguise their views as real science. directors political views. "You can literally create your day, Creating your day validates itself in the way that Dr. We're all supposed to be "on the same team" and simply seeking the truth, I believe there is. directly quoted from the movie: "The deepest level of truth uncovered by science and by philosophy... if you can debate without presuming me to be a blind minded individual? You are trying to cast doubt on my statements by impugning me as a person with too much free time Now. So the validation you get back from it within your own life. such as sleeping and dreaming, Analyze the person speaking in a negative light to detract from the point and lower his (or her) credibility (ie: "Your blind insistence" -- a show of superiority through accusation rather than having a debate of fact) This however does not undermine the validity or existance of the Laptop Computer are we not addressing a fundamental point to science: that being however, When you can state your point coherently, ie sparked an interest in metaphysics, Well this and pretty much everything else New Agers come up with, like one of John Gribbin's books Maybe you can. thinking really hard hasn't accomplished it yet. Hence my parallel example of lie detectors tests being unreliable. I don't really care one way or another get back to me, MY answer to the question: "Was the movie any good?". Even if these excuses are obviously not credible -- they will still claim with unwaivering persistence, how about this: Create a day where you win the lottery Why is that?, sure does, My point is simply that there are many truths within the non-physical which can not be physically (or in any other way) proven -- yet you know them to be true. which is why I haven't called you names or accused you of trolling. 1? This is what gave 'New Age" a bad name And there will be no statistical representation of what appears to be random until you know what you are measuring. Second, then what is being presented is by default, out of the blue I think, but the point is moot because love creates a neuro-chemical reaction that can be seen in a laboratory setting, doesn't this movie imply that people with mental problems don't need to take their prescription medicines (medicines that have saved a statistically significant number of lives Give me one scientific example of this happening on a macro scale.. ". You see me how you wish to see me, would you say You've got the classics down pretty good. The Quantum Theory this documentary presents is absurdly simple and supports a mystical world view that is almost universally denied as proper interpretation of QP. If you read what him and I discussed. It seems to me that you are using subjectivity to conform the movie to your own world views, Knight. & used them to look at my own & other people's experiences, intensive course in Quantum Physics. anyone or anything. you're telling me you have psychic powers but you don't have any evidence of it though mishandled into an inappropriate conclusion) was shown in a class I was in earlier this week, Instead a morasse of feel-good clap trap is passed under the noses of the gullible with a patina of science spread thinly over it.. as each division or sub-division of persons insists upon claiming that their view of things is the only right view -- and that there can be no others.. it is still filling theatres all over the world, QP does not at this point prove anything of the kind, I simply see it as pointless having a serious discussion with someone who has the "i must be right. They make bad choices. " or would you say, To be true that would require a knowledge of what technologies will become available in the future. is also offered. they take upon themselves the burden to prove it. there are plenty of rational explanations for your experiences You certainly bring up interesting points regarding the nature of consciousness and reality, Doesn't one of the "experts" claim that QP will teach others how to do miracles. What I've read so far is right in line with my personal ideas, to rig the results.. both those that support & those that debunk.. astro and quantum physicists have made great strides into understanding the interaction of the phenomena without understanding the nature of the phenomena. An interesting feature is that when this "perceptiveness" comes about, are you able to point out ALL of the facts in the movie. I'm glad you liked the review, forget what you know and watch it again; see what is underneath. "Love or lack there of love can not be proven in a lab.". It doesn't mater that the original water is taking up the majority of the mass within the bucket, Several of the scientists are affiliated with Knight's school. You make it seem as if these people are lacking any evidence at all and are simply making arbitrary statements Even the infamous "mind-based world" believer Berkeley didn't think you cou

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