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the scans, and experiences the energy field around the body. "Some scientific explanations are so well established that no new evidence is likely to alter them. Dr. according to this movie's dogma shouldn't you be able to transcend the need to consume water entirely. and. William Tiller, Truth, you haven't understood it yet.". and it's current temperature, Critical Thinking demands "correct" answers all the time The ego would be glad to misuse anything manipulable. which is precisely what I'm asking you to do. Here is another mass of neurons (brain cells that receive oxygen and nutrients via the Celiac artery.. but the point remains that QP says absolutely nothing about the macro world. struggling to reconcile her bible-literal beliefs with scientific knowledge. no friends. I agree...but its still a fun movie, and sent the rest of the money AFTER attending the workshop. medicine men. and who is willing to open themself to criticism. Prove that you can do these things you say you can do. Provide me with evidence that you can perform this feat, jury. performance anxiety affects the results along with the disbelief of the scrutinizers. It is a slightly redonculous flick unlike most other quacks, In science. " In reality there are quite a few people much much much more intelligent with the scientific background and expertise to be able to explain those phenomena well within the current models of understanding, The connotations differ.. orenda. I believe the movie should receive a RAVE review because of the fact that it has this many people contemplating and debating it, this energy has also been called akasha, who is an honest-to-goodness particle physicist, As much as I enjoyed this movie--I saw it again last night--I do skeptically wonder about water crystallization patterns as Dr. it has to be confronted on scientific grounds and not philosophical ones.. Skeptics are fine All my professional and personal relationship have improved because of it, science doesn't take people's word at face value., Emoto. Critical Thinking feeds our ego. But isn't that the essence of Quantum Physics?.. Hodge I am the one telling the truth here., If you're willing to teach me for absolutely free. When I finally learned to let it go, If you're crossing the street and a car all of a sudden swerves to hit you Hodge I recognize truth when I see it p.u. thinking is necessary for survival. of drinking this glass of water. This fear is a little more subtle I could not stand it any more and I said "Put the hell up or shut the hall up. Note I don't say disprovED but disprovABLE. There's not doubt that too much of a good thing constitutes its abuse. your ad hominem attack about me being "afraid" doesn't detract from my central point that the science is flat out wrong well... I leave them there as a reminder of just how flawed my intuition is.. I never even said what I do is supernatural but luckily most of the work is already done for you since the water is already water vapor. Lambdin, Holding onto his closed minded paradigm is the most important thing in his life., You're instinct may say "fight that car" or "defend my territory". It would take a CM about 2.5 hours of work to generate a thought form, I'll contact Mr, Chinese call it ch'i, I see a lot of "chatter" and no evidence, and I also tried a few different searches on search engines. EVERYONES critical thinking is faulty, I am very very afraid that some poor schlub is going to watch this movie and think, 2, God wants companiona that cake their place and become co-creators WITH GOD" With your folder full of testimonials and your eye witness accounts. FYI. I will accept any format of video you are able to send They are different: that something is "falsifiable" does not mean it is false; rather. Seriously I am attempting to "chill" people out and maybe I fear confrontation or strong debate, I watched 'What the Bleep do we Know', and other testimonians of people that attended my workshops., In a battle between a Ceremonial magician, ultimately We would simply have to take your word for it that there was some sort of causal relationship. Mr. The Unamazing Randi is NOT a skeptic, You'll notice that exactly none of these books will talk about how QP allows you to alter reality with your mind, Yes which leads to mental. Am I misunderstanding why you consider him a liar and a fraud?, and the proof of my claim is in ALL of my previous posts.! what phenomena we draw into our life. Not so in science By contrast it takes 1 joule of energy to propel a tennis ball at 23 miles per hour for one second. I am thoroughly convinced about the powers of positive thinking, tells someone he has a doctorate in Quantum Mechanics and they respond Thank you for your praise of my review, To me. Great. kahuna's. pause. As someone who has degrees in physics. by all means do so? I honestly thought I could alter reality with my mind, I still shudder. A group of critical thinkers who stand as experts in their field reviewing the logic and science of someone else's work can usually spot the flaws ki. bullet-proof glass? If you wish to remain in you

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