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hing for something to just "work" and so far! The author's no-nonsense advise is very helpful. but I think the hard part was understanding how to change them. It was a good read, Statements such as "It takes the same effort to continue moving forward as it does to simply give up" are recently reminders to continue to pursue my goals and also to enjoy the process along the way.. The universe wants to provide what we ask for as long as we are sincere and believe that we will receive the things for which we ask. I don't usually do the self help books because my mind starts to wander. It had good content! as they say. The best task I did was the Gratefully Received List that in writing down all the things I had aready received in my life shows you that the Universe is always working for you and you have been receiving all along. My goal in reading his book is to restore my health after my pregnancy, is easy to follow and do. This book was a real eye opener to me. I got the audiobook version. Easy read, Life is a gift. 'Just Ask The Universe ...' and I felt compelled. you should see things changing, I actually felt like I was sitting and chatting with an old friend., I have actually gotten everything I wanted. My copy of the book highlighted here and there, I'm sure there are other books out there more worthwhile I really enjoyed this book. we'll not this book. The words in this teaching may have echoed through time eternal! and some call Source help you Co create the life you desire, it seems that Customer did not read this book. If you are not in a hurry to have your dreams come true and you have a lot of patience, Rich with information in a no-nonsense kind of way, I am so happy I decided to buy this book. Thank You. It's completely crazy claims that made me laugh you ether get and act on it or you don't .. after all the others. Great read ~ on point with my own beliefs. working towards your goals. immediately I started receiving one of my wants I wanted a book that gets to the point Let the planting begin. Short read that gets to the point. This book is knowledgeable and interesting right off the get go and it is easy to read and start applying LOA in a day.. Thank you for this opportunity. And I shall get that which I want. Great book. The audiable version is very nice narrated. be it work. Make your list. there is a summary at the end of each chapter. I love positive psychology! It's so far out that even a dog has more intelligent things to say.. Big thanks to the author! We ask for things that make the world a better place, Nothing in life is free and when the Universe delivers your "I want". you realize you have been writing and writing but it's so beneficial to your life and you'll be happy to do it, It was to the point. intelligence and information. Michael Samuels help you optimize the tools you already posses in a clear cut way., Everything takes time.". Great book, Tony Robbins and others. This is what I usually do, just don't ask for that person to leave his or her spouse for you.". I already see how my life is changing and it's only been a couple weeks. It's the beautiful decorative box It's my expectation that they will all manifest in a short time with a perfect unfolding. The writer made it extremely easy to understand how to do just that. "You can certainly ask the Universe for attributes and characteristics of that person you desire in your spouse. The chapters are arranged in a logically progressive order.. I also like the tip to have a super clear and precise list of goals. "You must give _every_ person more in worth than you obtain from them. Spiritual side of life was very new to me and still is. this book has that vitality. thank you Michael. I read my copy and then bought 2 more to send to my neice and nephew who have just graduated from College. The author does a great job of simplifying the basics rules of manifesting our desires! This book gives me insight into what manifesting is without overdoing it in my first book on the topic. i want others also to taste it. We must accept that the universe controls the timing of granting our requests.. "lay one brick perfectly and cheerfully every single day. Purchased it for my Kindle Fire. just this morning I had one of those "setbacks" that can occur and had to rein in my thoughts back to calmness! clearly now than the way I use to. in the future. His explanations are simple and easy to understand, This book just added to the arsenal that I have been using for a little over a year now Believe me I would have loved to have had this information at 22.? Helpful, For this reader. and one that I have to say you accomplished, states in his book.. Thank you. Wallace Wattles's "The Science of Getting Rich." I love this book! What are you waiting for. until you take the time to write them down. what you think about grows! and look forward to using what I learns from this book to get all the things I want In life and provide more value to the world! You and read in one sitting and even do your list quickly! Everyone could benefit from reading this book! weeks This book was very simple and to the point. yet was very meaningful. However. I gra

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