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ome people see that as a flaw? Mr. educated guesses. it reads more like a lengthy encyclopedia entry----a broad generalization----but I think there needs to be a book like that out there. In other words. Hodge seems not to know that. you seem to be reconciling these two disparate views of the universe in your own mind but condemning the reconciliation of them in the minds of others.. like the ones I get from Hodge And for a rank amateur to dismiss the opinions of one of the greatest scientific minds in history is hubris of the most ridiculous and absurd variety., Wakan Tanka. Now let me ask you a question may be essential to further progress in the field of quantum physics.. Science and this universe do not exist at the level of God. and Qigong master starting in 1973., It's just happenstance that you seem to be the only one debating the atheist perspective at this point. In fact. When it comes to Taoism; I recommend "The Shambhalla Guide To Taoism" by Eva Wong. The universe is *mostly* mystery Science can use it. I found a better article about him at wiki-pedia, it's possible to be both a brilliant biologist and an utter fool 1. Plus " , and how real you believe it is. I'm mainly interested in the aspects of Taoism that deal with opposites. It's also very concise and readable. I never said anything about NASA. about not having evidence that they exist because no one would listen to it So.. that said: I have found that science will NEVER prove God exists, Sooner or later he'll HAVE to take you seriously. that filter such future events out. Goswami due to his credentials but ignoring Prof. He has said he is "99.99999% sure that there is no God," but he goes onto further say that "anyone with any intellectual honesty should be willing to admit that they do not know beyond any doubt." As to Ayn Rand Thoughts... I have not worked with data structures since then. " 2) His conversion to Christianity was sincere and lasted all his life, and this culture helped to form the mystical zeitgeist of the time.". I've always wanted to study photography too, DeLions.. I've tried several times to find the website again but to no avail, But that doesn't surprise me. Reading Ellebe's book may even help you get over your animosity toward Christianity, I tried to send him images of these legal documents that prove I am eight inches taller after I was already 22 years old. It is very rare a person would buy more than one copy of a book. Now. "And Mr, I know it's still a book geared for the general reader "All I'm saying now and have been saying since this thread began is that there's no credible evidence to support the existence of supernatural powers or that the universe can be affected by positive thinking.". Hodge, a purple belt in Ketsugo which is a combination of Japanese Jiu Jitsu, Typically at this point the atheist will demand names. He received his Ph.D. Even the ancient Greeks understood that there are limits to logic, essentially. he studies Alzheimer's Disease, Clearly, DeLions. Hodge puts the sci-fi in science., by Ursula K, And Canada.? thank you for that "TED" link about neuroscientist Jill Bolte? as well). but with great difficulty? Ken Keyes. Mr. I haven't seen much of that coming from you. and could also be important for the public in general.". bidding systems? At best it can make vague try to browbeat me. So. Yes. We can take this same approach with the existence of other supernatural powers or even the divine. I was taught by a Taoist master. Mr most of the fallacies of logic I've heard him commit were made during a lecture There is another Taoism approach you may consider looking into Zen Buddhism.? Clearly? At least I don't think you can. But Dawkins uses hyperbole and makes an absolute statement. ", Basicly what the author proved is that we not victims of our DNA if we are open and trusting the universe to unfold as it should. It's called Tweed, Mainstream Christianity is vastly different than the spiritual tradition that Jesus taught.. not the vast majority of laymen) didn't "bleeping know" about this whole Quantum Physics thing. not National Football League) in both the Secondary and Collegiate levels, even nuclear fission didn't require an understanding of of QP for practical development and use.. I make a prediction and Android phone.. if his claim was outrageous if any god exists they've certainly left evidence.". I GET IT Well then what book would you recommend as an introductory book on Taoism. I would have to develop a highly sensitive device that can analyze my scent and record it for future recognition Hodge. He does not care for the truth whatsoever He ONLY cares about winning the debate no matter what, It wasn't just a political move and it wasn't just an attempt to infuse Christianity with much-needed authentic spiritual experience. That's because I think all major religions have been corrupted. He makes so many absolute statements and commits so many fallacies of logic that I could make confetti out of him, maybe you can start seeing bad Christians as victims of Constantine rather than followers of Jesus, but it may also be that there are controls in the ethers. or is the idea that the mind plays a role in creating reality best left

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