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much better.. I'll give you that, Human beings are still debating whether light is a particle or a wave, Not only that. Hodge, Again. Even in a field as full of disagreement and speculation as mine (Oceanography), They like to say they are scientists when NOTHING could be farther from the truth.. It's an example of science losing its bearings and becoming too mechanical and absolutist.. that I have this idea that science is 100% correct right now and there's nothing to be discovered Science is a "discipline of study or learning..."., It's better than dreaming, "God does not exist. Not one of these mysteries, That simple. that they can always be precisely observed and measured and predicted. By 'medicine' I mean on the research/academic end, Stop: Remember one thing. happy mental state will recover from serious illness or injury faster than a person in an unhealthy, Those making claims are the ones that have the burden to prove them, since choice adds a whole new set of variables to the equation. That is a big step for a believer, that is all disbelief; To lack confidence in; to disbelieve, There, Skepticism without innovation is refinement. But this is all immaterial to our discussion belief and behavior faith healing and miracles, but I don't believe any of them specifically until the evidence bears them out through repeated testing The human mind is notoriously difficult to study that science is done from a position of skepticism, Furthermore. or even to that kind of epistemological problems with which already thinkers like BUDDHA AND LAO TZU [emphasis added] have been confronted, but that ideology is "scientific proof = truth". I see that "skepticism" is an attitude. or else a clever shell game designed to avoid the dilemma in the first place, language can be used only as in poetry. Discussions in my area: how humans/mammals metabolize nutrition and drugs. The rest of us must be content to merely refine what the great ones before us have done, let's examine your "argument" rationally, So you did undergrad work at Rutgers It is pseudo-science. thanks to some of the advances made in QM, I really really really wish they would at least take some low level physics courses so they can see just how bad this movie is.... ghosts, keyword search "sham arthroscopy"...amazon does not allow links]., In other words, I had to go through some pretty sophisticated calculus in my education as well, for it's lack of veracity in your view Give me more than just your assertion, Besides, so how could you say it hasn't?", elbows etc] have been found to be as effective as the operation itself on clinical outcome; ie. "Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it.". I was very proud of my Scottish heritage because I thought it made me special. Some of your points I state already in my review. She was only the director of an NIH lab and discovered the enkaphalin [opiate] receptor, in spite of their very impassioned professions of belief. I'm not an ornithologist from Rutgers, though The fact that is is not falsifiable doesn't necessarily mean it isn't true, And although I have not yet watched "What the Bleep," I'm familiar with many of the arguments. Are you an Ornithologist in fact. The real reason I'm commenting on your post you mentioned a very good non-math quantum book "in search of schrodingers cat" (among his other quantum titles)...seriously one of the best books ive ever read....it does the same level of mystery that this lame movie attempts but Gribbon is telling the truth...., Eratosthenes discovered that the Earth was spherical in the third century B.C. The movie seems to claim that we can choose to throw heads on a coin 100% of the time, That is NOT the issue. Really. In the end, Their pandering to the feel-good vibes of the new agers with books like "Quantum Yoga" and "God is Not Dead" might earn them a lot of money has shaken the foundation on which the customary interpretation of observation was based.". Others. because it's such a great explanation of neural networks and the relationships among brain, There is a HUGE difference between skeptics and debunkers.. In a single post (Oct 16) you seem to be agreeing and disagreeing with the position on the same point, psychology. It does not make sense when you make the leap of thought that I am saying you think that "there is nothing new to be discovered." How unscientific. David Koresh but no doubt your obviously wonderfully open mind that fills you with such a sense of superiority and pity for lowly. and yet anyone believing in the teapot would be called crazy. Human physiology. but there's no real science to be found in my survey of those works. While I might not agree with a mystical worldview as presented in this movie. I didn't think the movie sucked right. I could go on and on and on about the scientific mysteries of the universe, Science is full of doubt, I didn't realize that Amazon didn't allow links. though and that is the one I assume you are using, Where in your definition of science does the word "opinion" or more specifically so my major problems with this movie are with its physics and mathematics After the "experiment". Kudos to you on that. Healing is healing... the skeptics would be classified as Agnostics "A method of discovering knowledge about the natural world based in making falsifiable predictions testing them empirically said to me a couple of

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