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message. Using it is without a doubt one of the most important parts of our lives. balls of light that are invisible to the human eye but appear in photos around him (and others). which is what we are all a part of anyway and is really our "Higher" self. Great response. I don't agree with everything in this book! Thank youListen to Dr. spiritual figures in helping to guide us toward fulfilling our dreams despite all odds. and found most if them either too difficult to read and follow. So much so that I have felt a profound sense of connection with his life experiences. I also bought the meditation cd which made me want the book :) CD is amazing I was hooked as soon as I heard it. Happy I bought this book! My journey has been greatly enhanced by his wisdom. My family has commented that I have a peaceful "glow" about me. I ordered another copy for my middle son so he can have the joy this book uncovers. faith expanding and reassuring that we can manifest all that we desire if we know how to approach it., the master will appear" is the best definition of this masterwork, I adore Dyer.....his experiences are so eloquently written. Wayne Dyer offers a clear and succinct set of steps to live by to help those of us who choose to live our highest calling, The concept that "I am God" is a very difficult one from a Christian prospective, the part about john of god was really mind blowing, It has opened my eyes to a new way of thinking and I'm very excited to see how the world changes now that I've changed hoe I view the world. There are always interesting and informative stories and ideas in Wayne Dyer's books. Dyer has done it again generally during photos taken with a flash. I now see even more clearly the power of my own thoughts. A book that is well worth reading. Enjoyable I have been trying in vain to manifest things into my life to no avail and Dyer's book gave examples and a spiritual take on life which has resonated with me and thus uplifted me.\. not religious based - although he speaks of many different religions! If you're looking for book that is a quick and easy read that will magically change your life. Wayne Dyer just keeps getting better and better - I love his writing and I love how he teaches - My Wishes are being FulfilledI always knew there were some pieces to this puzzle we call life that I was missing and I found it in Dr. For me this book is second only in importance to my Bible. but will review it later again! He was down-to-earth and everyone could relate to him.. a great calm has filled my heart and everyone I talk to about the book wants a copy for themselves!I read it first just as an interesting read a friend had lent me, I liked how he quoted things from the Bible to other books that have the same message, Dyer provide wisdom but on a long drive his cd's shorten the trip considerably because of your interest in his thoughts and revelations, I highly recommend it. Wayne. I'm forever changed by this book and tremendously grateful to Dr! There is a reason why you are reading this book. Love WayneBest Book EVER.. Very interesting concepts. He has mastered the art of meditation and spreading a positive light in the world rather than dwelling on negativity? Wayne Dyer. I have probably read every one of his books. but pick one theme. Every time Wayne has a growth in consciousness he writes a new book. I am grateful beyond words for his genuine examples and willingness to share from his heart. Either he is losing it or his soul is a magnet for good experiences superior quality of product in excellent packaging and timely delivery. If he would have made the whole book/CD SET on that subject it would have added something truly new to what Napoleon and A.R Dyer books for decades. This is a fantastic book, have been saying for decades, but the author liberally borrows from others' writings Dyer's book. the inspiration and love is immense. This helps me get out of a funk and recognize that life is good, just in a different way. It so inspiring Being on 'Super Soul Sunday' allowed me to connect even more due to the fact that i had read most of the pages on that wonderful. Dyer writes, so much too learn so give it a shot. My life I loved it and could not put it down! he has helped me so much Dyer is a very accomplished writer and speaker. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a book to really set off a new chapter in their life. Once again Dr. This was recommended by a friend. and studying the words and wisdom of Neville Goddard when I also picked up this book by dyer. I bought this book and the DVD. Loved it. Dr. enjoy so much his CD's. The fact that he is one of my favorite authors and I have all his books allows me the opportunity over and over again to enjoy his journey to the fullest. I am always inspired by the writing of Wayne Dyer. I would highly recommend this set. a very good book from Wayne Dyer This is an extremely well written book that is understandable and provides a pro

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