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eived it, right from the start, It's not fluff.. Give it a try you'll be amazed at what you will manifest in your life This book is like reminders each day to co-create with the Universe. I have been reading this book faithfully since I received my copy, These mini meditations can be very helpful in healing and clearing mental clutter so there is room to allow abundance to flow in naturally and easily, You will benefit from this book, It is just a great to take a moment and breathe, I love it.Thx you Sarah and Universe. and im happy to have a copy of my own to keep for years to come., how to create a scared space for your work along with how to connect daily., This book is for everyone, just common ideas and mantras which are helpful but you can come up with all of these on your own.. Thank you so much Sarah. Sarah Prout¡¯s wisdom shines on every page. This book is all I hoped it would be and then some. You will be amazed by this book and by Sarah¡¯s journey, Thank you Sarah. Thank you Sarah for being such an inspiration & for writing this amazing book that Ive needed in my life for the last 8 years I cannot say enough good things about this book. I also like the explanations she has written and the personal story included. and is highly recommended for a life changer! The content is amazing, This book is as beautiful on the outside as it is in the inside. We're all humans. useful tool, bought as a gift for a few friends too. I absolutely love Dear Universe! It has a meditation for any struggle you may face. This is a great bedside book, I can pick it up. I am ready for better times to happen! I use the hard cover and the audio version everyday. This is a great tool for manifesting. Example. and sometimes I felt like I was getting advice from the mother I did not have while growing up. other than that the most attractive thing about it is the pretty cover.. I love this magical. The layout is fantastic and so easy to read, I plan on getting a copy for several people in my lifeThis book is amazing, Absolutely love it. I am able to find answers and redirect my attention! It includes a handy index with emotions/feelings and you can easily go to that page find a manifestation to recite. she promises "dear universe" to be a good person. I have the beautiful book and the Audible version. It teaches us to learn from experiences whether positive or negative no matter the feelings. This book is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. This is more like choose your adventure book. After you read it you can keep going back to it to help on how you are feeling for that day!!! Easy and fun to read through, This book is gorgeous by design and has changed my life from the moment I opened it up. I just got my book in the mail today. quickly, The deference She wrote about her life in order to help people , Dear universe is now one of my favorite additions to my extensive library. feelings and heart with each and every one of those who read Dear Universe. If you are struggling with anything in your life. I absolutely love this book! This book taught me that I can create the life that I want, There¡¯s a meditation in this book for any obstacle you face. & manifest on a daily basis. Then there are 100 ¡°how I want to feel¡± feelings and it is uplifting and inspiring to read those. Manifesting for many years I have wholeheartedly learned why some things are just not manifested now but do manifest later.! in real life! I loved it so much I have bought 2 more and shared them with friends that I thought needed them and would love them and they have! She gives the high and lows in this book Concise and practical mini meditations make it possible to spend a short amount of time each day making this a habit. It's an easy read that is aesthetically pleasing as well. Always upbeat and real, It¡¯s a great way to start the day. so it will grant them personal favors, I kid you not when I say, This book has proven to be a journey. I like how this book is structured, during a trying time in my life. The concept of the book is great I love the mini prayers or affirmations and its absolutely gorgeous to look at but I found myself triggered thru out the book and no way could I do mini meditations after reading in graphic detail about domestic violence incidents or about a homeless man getting hit by a bus and dying. the constant/ continual support she provides me she provides and I live her is that I can identify my current mood/thoughts by searching through a list of words and then look up ways to deal with that particular emotion, I own the kindle and audible copy as well. This book will help you with however you are feeling, you go directly to the two-pages you need for your current situation or mood. This book is awesome. a reminder that you can choose how to feel in any given moment! Very helpful when feeling emotions., Read it through and use as a tool to help your daily mediation. Sarah's narration is fantastic. I love this book and how you can customize what you read each day according to how your are feeling. She guides you in connecting with the Universe and managing an array of feelings. I'm so much more aware of my connection with the Universe. I am enjoying the book very much. Love this book I love this book it has changed the way I think and is teaching me to appreciate the present and also how to deal with my emotions and how to change my negative outcome I Absolutely love and adore this book. Sarah Prout is easily relatable and her book is a must have. I know she can benefit from this book. Love this book. you can find storues to relate to and mini-meditations connected to those feelings that can help you to move forward, It makes it easier to look up, It is beautifully illustrated and very user friendly. I am ready for better times to happen, In effect. short meditation. It was even bookmarked in the exact place that I needed inspiration for the day. Learning to be present and mindful of the moment also helps us appreciate life and its complexities more. I bought one for myself and was so impressed! It has excellent graphics. It's laid out in such a way that, To be so inspired I absolutely Love this book it has changed my life so very much I feel so Happy now. Love this book & all the extras that come with it like being able to draw a daily oracle card through FB messenger to manifest anything & everything you can imagine. This is a great guide to have in your life, So far. it helps bring a person-ability and relatability to each universal message. The book is filled with meditations to inspir

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