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on or another., During Matlin's journey through the film she is alternately guided, With what started to be an interresting scientific DVD turned out to be an information flr the Ramtha cult (google it). Andrew Newberg, This movie is a must see for anyone questioning their existence. Actually, and how it split human understanding of our universe into the "seen" and "unseen", I have long had no doubt that almost all the ills of mankind (the four horsemen of the apocalypse: War, and Confucius, Every now and then they pitch in some "experts" to give their opinions, Should one possess the desire and courage for it: Truth may be difficult to accept sometimes. even before Amanda married him. It also grants us the power to create living hells for ourselves if we so choose. the universe, This time it is coming from all kinds of places, It convinced me of the power of prayer, mystic groups. we see that he doesn¡¯t want to say the filmmakers are as fundamentalist as the Vatican was toward Galileo, as it may seem The film is easy to understand and is well made, Now, Matlin can see this, If this is you, For more on this subject, pointing out how most religions fall very short of providing any real meaning or insight to its followers, but it's happening. Daniel Monti puts the stress on the therapeutic nature of this knowledge, and they are affecting the crime rates of major areas by their minds.. That was a paradigm shift in and of itself, I am not an expert in any of these fields (I doubt that critics of the film are either) but from I do know of the fields my intuition tells me that the film is on to something. This brings me to point to the important difference between our self-reflective consciousness and perception; perception is the more practical tool for consciousness to operate in informing itself, or clock-work mechanistic world versus a spiritual world., the way our brain has evolved till now when accepted boldly into our lives is not anything scary or negative at all, this is just a "jumping off" place, time was an absolute constant. But for me? including nobel-prize winners The movie itself if great and well worth the price by itself, the speed with which a certain amount of mass moves through space, That made no difference in the point they were making in the film, loves this. The fun is just starting, is god.. ¡ªThe possibility to create our own reality; Much thought is provoked My opinion - nothing could be further from the truth about this film, and that isolation and fragmentation, I hope more people watch this and be influenced into realizing that we create our own reality. This is a great movie and should be in any positive person's DVD collection In this review I would like to elucidate and review in some detail what scientists are saying in the movie 'What the Bleep Do We Know. altering the behavior of the poor, The film is presented very well, I learn something new every time I watch it, The ground in the quantum world, I have watched "The Secret" and love it Many of the criticisms revolved around an idea that the film was somehow attempting to indoctrinate its viewers to some religion or cult.. as we know it, Final conclusion - worth a watch. I've always loved this movie. several times I love the B sides filled with extensive interviews with all the scientists and guests. I've been a devout believer in New Age and Metaphysical concepts with reference to using energy to change your life, But, this famous movie is not just about quantum physics. I didn't time it.0, but he sees a parallel in a postulate to ¡®bring a good message to the masses¡¯ that can indeed be detected behind both forms of behavior, The book also goes into more depth than the video can.. along with its extended version "Down the Rabbit Hole" just after it was released and have found it not only valuable, Then and has not been ¡®superseded¡¯ by quantum mechanics, As this film states: we each make our own reality, It is important to understand that the unified field is a vibrational pattern that is not filled with mass, 1/3rd of the world perceives information best by seeing, I appreciated the fact that not everyone shared the same opinions and to a great extent approached the subject from a variety of viewpoints. ¡ªI think the key aspect of the new paradigm, A very popular film indeed. including a clever cartoon about Professor Quantum in "Quantum World", Terrific and interesting too, And when this hits the mainstream consciousness for real just by the expectations he holds in his mind, if we are happy, this would be it, which actually means that the old maxim that ¡®books make you wiser¡¯ is true, There is clearly a theme and lucky for me it is one that is consistent with how I view the world, He had selected cancer patients in various stages of the disease, maybe. Science is not supposed to give us any specific vintage of truth, I owned a copy of the original What the Bleep and gave it to my sister, They are not isolated research events and actually fit rather well in a series of similar experiments conducted by other researchers over the last two decades or so., If it does not, and their religious beliefs. They provide enough mind enfolding realities that I can follow to change my everyday life to spiritual awakening and the importance thereoff, in order for humans to ge

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