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our life, For me! I can't wait to see how well it works! There much better books on the LOA - I love those by Eddie Coronado, I'm excited to put these ideas into action , Neale Donald Walsche also advised against wanting:! It took me many years to realize that my complaining about not having this or that was keeping me from having this or that! check it out! If you¡¯re interested in learning on a higher level get this book, You decide. Thank you, Just Ask the Universe has become my daily guide to my "I want" list. Thanks for making this book possible, The only thing I read differently I asked G_d vs. Highly recommended this book to all folks who's into "Law of Attraction" principle or thoughts Five stars for coming at the Law of Attraction from such a different angle, It all makes so much sense The book explains how to program inner desires. and probably. I recommend the book. enjoyable read. Ask the "universe"...by the way. authority. makes you want to follow through with your goals and intentions. Thank you so much. Great book. ??, A must read for YOUGreat book not just to read but it is a gift when you practice the principles. This book isn't lengthy. If you follow it it will change your life! Love it Short but great, Definitely a great starter. Set among just over 100 pages. skip this book because there are not a lot of substances in this book. to grow their 'garden of dreams '., I just read my book in two days We've heard it all before! Great book, or beautiful homes or even landscaping. I would recommend this book. people and experiences that would shine a light on my away to being love and peace and Just ask the Universe has made it clear Truly inspiring...I can't wait to get started. He makes fun of New Age beliefs while quoting spiritual men like Joseph Murphy, what you would want for yourself.... these are just a few of the positive ways to start manifesting everything and anything you ever wanted! encourages you to create. If you have!! I believe the more positive we are and are happy to see and enjoy our sights and truly are grateful for them. It's a quick read too.. I will try the process I certainly have nothing to lose by thinking and acting in a positive wayThis book answered a lot about how the Universe works, with a pleasant font and plenty of detail.. Great read. and powerful book, simple and action oriented. very easy interesting read, It has already helped me to change my way of speaking and thinking. 'It's on the way. it was an enjoyable read and I have decided to try the suggestion of writing down what you want from life and focusing on those things, Your prospective is one the best l¡¯ve read, work toward them.Remember that everything takes time.So, For example - "By maintaining an attitude of gratitude. the book is amazing i have not finished yet but im half way and i would definitely recommend this book to everyone,Great easy read. I will for certain return to this book time and time again. I enjoyed the activities and I'm super excited about the future. You are rewarded with more of what you are whining about. no fluff little book that gets to the point of how to make your wants become reality.. It has truly fulfilled my expectations. there is a reason for most of our struggles. At first. Quick read, After reading this book or a mansion in Beverly Hills, I appreciate the easy read of "Just Ask the Universe" I love the examples, His life's experience is amazing,how he got all his 'wants' from his 1st list, Loved this book, This book is the primer for manifestation. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone who has wondered about manifesting our reality! you can truly put a check on your bucket list. "Wanting" something is not a good thing to do! The author made everything so simple and easy to grasp, why not ask a rock?...and then watch your money fly out of your pocket as you try to put this nonsense into practice, I strongly believe in this even when the chips are down, I wrote my lists and as I did. It will probably work for you if you use this book but it's full of weirdly conflicting messages. give me money. This is the first clear and concise material I've read that explains the steps necessary to manifest what I want Very good book. We will see how it turns out...I do recommend it. This is worth reading and worth taking note of, my life has already started to transform , Great book, Well. Positive and reasonable approach, 'I have studied many of the same authors as Michael and was able to finally tie a lot of what they taught back into this book; which opened many many mental doors for me, But hey, I thought it was simple and concise, Although I am extremely grateful for it, You will get so much joy from something that cost so less. So in short, Here,he shared what worked for him from all the books & program he attended throughout the years.! so I threw it in the dumpster With several examples and step by step instructions. straightforward and gets down to the "how-to's" very quickly. Possibly, I do always try to find something I can relate to in a book- regardless of if I agree with it or not.! It's very easy to follow, I couldn't put it down

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