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uth. I wasn't able to manifest $1000 in 21 days BUT I'm pretty sure there was that amount floating around in everything that was coming my way and being bought for me, I loved this journey and learned a lot about myself and what I want out of life. and is written in a way that just "clicks" with me better than other similar books have. I manifested over $5,000 and the best part is I feel a big shift happening for me. This book will make a manifester out of you.. IF you trust the process with good feelings behind emotion- you will see things start to happen that will have you shaken Seriously a game changer. help you focus on gratitude instead of being a negative Nancy all the time. She really explains it so it is easy to understand I just adore Kathrin she has taught me so much her book is amazing I follow her on FB and such and her podcasts are life changingThank you so very much! this would be a fun way to dive in! I've binged all her podcast episodes and I'm starting from the beginning! It was a great quick read. You have inspired me so much these past few months.. I was in a horrible rut after losing 5 figures a month as a leader in an MLM. It has opened up a world of new things for me sweet and straight to the point! No, and opens you up to receive. Thank you for this. I¡¯ve manifested almost $2,000 above and beyond my normal amount! LOVE this book! it didn¡¯t look as well formatted as an avid Kindle reader would like! I still found it helpful.There were at least 2 exercises in which I had to adjust it so it fit with my views (made sense to me), We get paid incentive so I don¡¯t know if I did or didn¡¯t lol, entrenched beliefs, This is what happened over the course of those days:. $900 in 4 days so far! and change your mindset forever, Oh well. HER TECHNIQUE IS PROVEN VIA THE UNIVERSAL LAWS. This all has excited me greatly, I've been practicing LOA for around 6 years, with added bonus of $1k.., The only reason this is 4 stars is because of the ebook. and my spiritual health as a whole, Loved building a healthier mindset about money...it truly helped me switch that energy to good energy, mindset and allowing me to become a money babe as wel, Kathrin¡¯s book totally empowered me and so I¡¯m paying to forward with this review, Needless to say, Typos throughout this book, I had $1300 by Day 14. She is a walking example of the fact that manifestation works, Even though the goal is to manifest $1,000 in 21 Days. If even the thought of asking the universe for money makes you feel queasy, simple. You won¡¯t regret it! If I felt stuck. It works. This book is beyond amazing and so helpful in getting out of your way to make things happen. We still made it work for us, After a few days, I really liked the exercise for that day!The biggest takeaway so far is that you just need to be open to everything the universe has to offer! but I'm a believer now I remembered things about myself that are integral to my success. I was inspired to call. You will NOT regret this purchase if you are one of those peeps who is in a financial bind. Helped me become more aware and thankful for all the money flows. and checking out her website! money conscious, Needless to say this was a long shot but I was going to stay high vibe and not allow any doubt in my mind! I am only on day 4 of this amazing book and am already seeing results in manifesting money in very unexpected ways. So fantastic, I suppose. It changed my outlook and my daily habits which, Good book. I started the challenge all over again and OMG KATHRYN, I can say that I felt a little bored and depressed about certain aspects of my life. Before!! I found this book useful as a way to review and refine how I view generating money, It helped me gain a lot of clarity with my money mindset and I love that I can keep working with the prompts and books for YEARS to come. Absolutely incredible. I haven't received mine yet! so generous. Expect some turbulence in your energy field. receiving and connection. and so so grateful you exist.. I was new to manifestation and was not in 100% belief. I am beyond grateful and thankful! I was feeling stuck and in a place where I wasn't sure how to approach my next move or how to change my outlook on life, but each time I would start it. All because I dared to believe that I would be successful no matter what, I love the journaling questions and how easy it was to follow, Such a fun book so far, and so obviously a sign of my shifts in receiving from this book)! Thank you. Kathrin does a great job of summarizing the most powerful manifestation techniques in a how-to guide. but it did come in about 2 months, I am so freakin excited to do this again and up my amount $1 showed up on the ground, I LOVED this book, Thank you for creating a workbook that helps me work through all the stuff I needed to work through to get me where I am today, Will definitely use it again. If your ready to open up your world and universe to money making BUY THIS BOOK. Mahalo KathrinI haven't read the whole thing yet, Great book, This book could

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