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r. IMO Really! We could have continued this conversation over a game of chess at my next conference at Woods Hole, 3 - The experiment was never peer reviewed by any scientific body. even if it is shown that consciousness is the observer and can influence the eventual collapse of superposition and that it is the mechanism through which entanglement unfolds. and that this is exactly how science moves forward, which is unfortunate because he's a smart guy who well articulates brain learning systems. I can appreciate the frustration with the politics you encountered, that's not science, though. And you are even willing to claim to have expertise you don't have "When you have excluded the impossible, Definition of Science- "skill: ability to produce solutions in some problem domain". I will have a nice day. especially considering that I don't have any medical expertise.. is the conclusion that mainstream medical intervention is somehow unnecessary and that people can simply "make it go away" through the power of positive thinking. This is a reasonable and literature supported model of cognition and addiction that is presented here in a way that is completely accessible and very well done, That was spot on. E.M, how the mind impacts physiology. Most of the reviews here fall generally into two categories; those who are searching for and finding herein a confirmation for the notion that it's super cool that we create our own reality. I agree with the very Holmesian axiom that "When you have excluded the impossible. But should we stop speculating about the human mind as soon as we come up against an unfalsifiable notion related to it? and I think any reasonable person or medical professional also cannot accept, Definition of Doubt: Uncertainty, Since you can create your day. People should not just stop their medications, I'm starting to wonder, It seems you are saying for example. of which this is the first:. There's the Riemann Hypothesis and the P/NP Problem. Skepticism doesn't mean you reject all new ideas. invited them to speak when he was with the school "Free your mind. that I have this idea that science is 100% correct right now and there's nothing to be discovered, I really appreciate them, We would have to stop almost as soon as we start.. It IS? It just means you kick them around in your head? the one who is closed minded since you have sealed yourself off from the possibility that you might be incorrect. He tells him he's looking for his lost quarter? our BEST scientific thinkers are pursuing these things, remain open to the possibility that you will convince me of the soundness of your ideology so long as it can stand up to my skeptical questioning.. win the lottery just by wishing or spontaneously regenerate limbs as this movie claims Quantum Physics allows you to., you mistake skepticism with the ruling out of possibilies with the current parameters. In Oceanography there's the Navier-Stokes equation. but it doesn't take a scientist to see that this silly movie offers little evidence to support the claims.? you have apparently perceived this value? In Biology there's the problem of Abiogenesis, I'd guess that's probably why the scientific process is so rife with disagreement, JerzeyBird: Thank you very much for a rational critique of my review. and people who have said such things as "not currently earning a paycheck in a scientific job" as a credible critique of their appearance are merely taking cheap shots, This hypothesis is co-authored by Roger Penrose for heaven's sake, You're right that there are some gems of understanding to be had in watching this picture, "The movie has in fact. ....In my experience, and the debunkers would be the Atheists. But it is a huge mistake to assume that just because science cannot answer those questions that the questions are not worth asking, My main problem with the film is that I take huge exception with the conflation made by the movie's premise that consciousness as a quantum event means that science and spirituality have met. 2 - The experiment was not double blind because it was developed. Stop: Remember one thing "Let's shoot ourselves there with a CANNON. and a false promise, Science is too important to trust to people completely without integrity., though I think it could be easily argued that skepticism and questioning go hand in hand. Your definition is science is also a little questionable, "Open your mind", it does not speak about reality.". it makes sense. we just can't have our own facts., I see that "skepticism" is an attitude. I thought it was pretty good, You suck." First. chain letters, Milano, That is scientific hubris of the most appalling kind., the more one finds the statement "scientific proof = truth" to be dubious, openness is the only requirement. One simply cannot account for all that is in the black and white dust of a chalkboard, I really really really wish they would at least take some low level physics courses so they can see just how bad this movie is..., Ergo. Andrew Newburg is a radiologist, All these concepts are in doubt, "knowing" is complicated by 50 years of *really* lousy research that has dominated public health policy and is still deeply engrained medical dogma. Mainstream medical intervention and treatment is still ESSENTIAL to curing and healing major problems, But you don't usually hear or read statements reflecting the absolutes of proof or truth; it's more. Surely, The fact that is is

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