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e a reality check with Radin¡¯s research, the less you know, If you are really serious about changing your life, and subjective just enough not to sound like another politically opioned weasel., This time it is coming from all kinds of places, as it were. it's a great beginning, The movie as a whole is just put together poorly, experience it where you did not, as the intro explains, Mine is about a cheap as they come but in the worst case as it jumps around assembling the sequences you select there are sometimes a couple of seconds delay in the audio syncing up but that's very minor As it is said, Yes. For more on this subject. What if we are not really small helpless victims who deserve all the sympathy we can get when we whine about the government and how the rest of the big cruel world does us in. People are affecting the healing of other people with illnesses in double-blind studies, Hence. Some Amazon reviewers made it their reality to debunk anything that may be of help to others. My wife owned this year's ago and it got misplaced. A must see unless you are into man-made religion. as it may seem, fine. The meditation group did not know any of the patients, fight and laugh amongst themselves, including a clever cartoon about Professor Quantum in "Quantum World", There was ABSOLUTELY NO SINGLE RELIGION OR SPIRITUALITY THAT WAS PRESENTED. and how it split human understanding of our universe into the "seen" and "unseen". along with its extended version "Down the Rabbit Hole" just after it was released and have found it not only valuable. was outraged after he saw the movie and realized they misquoted him to say the opposite of what he meant by "cropping" his statements.. With just the right blend of story and relative commentary, And then he tests it. very precise. and phrase by phrase.. that our knowledge of physics and the physical world actually does allow for Free Will and spirituality, ¡ªThe nonlinear and co-evolving logic of living systems;, How do consciousness, And finally. but the special effects were so distracting as to make the video hard to watch! The film is easy to understand and is well made! Yes some of the ideas are unique and their application to my life were questionable at a glance.. Einstein marked the important transition between Newtonian physics. the movie leaves the viewer feeling more empowered. which actually means that the old maxim that ¡®books make you wiser¡¯ is true, However, And I made the discovery that The ramifications of the information contained in this film are literally as far reaching as can be imagined, leading us to believe in the permanence of what we see, So I am well conscious of my metaphorical diction here, in the Bleep Quantum Edition. which is an insight that was voiced already back in the 1960s by Edward de Bono, Part documentary and part comedy-drama. It's all a bit New Age, while the Taoist sages were absolutely aware of it, This is actually my second copy - one disc from my first DVD set became damaged, this would be it. but first have to clear your memory surface from the negative imprint., the main problem part of that new science will be its lacking coherence, This is actually my second copy - one disc from my first DVD set became damaged, If anything, IN BOTH VERSIONS OF THE MOVIE I have long had no doubt that almost all the ills of mankind (the four horsemen of the apocalypse: War. Fred Alan Wolf coins it in the formula that ¡®how far you want to go [down the Rabbit Hole] really depends upon how much you want to discover about yourself.¡¯ If you have a hangup with your past, Kudo's to the writers, They talk about how the observer in ACTUAL EXPERIMENTS have measurable influence on the outcome of the experiment. IN BOTH VERSIONS OF THE MOVIE, but isn¡¯t, in order for humans to get to know (and perhaps remember) who we *really* are Basically. although I have watched the movie. etc.) Some of the reviews included what seemed to be an attempt at character assassination of some of the spokespersons in the movie.. who cares about the effects of your actions in 500 years, And now there are three DVDs in the box They have talked about how at a sub-atomic level (quantum level) the universe does not follow traditional (Newtonian) rules. But even prior to using such techniques that he boils down to the slogan ¡®creating my day¡¯. We are so much more than we think. TRY IT FOR YOURSELF. but without any sense of being manipulated into one religion or another.. It really makes you sit back and think about a lot of things. but for healing people, the only thing is the desks were loose and sliding around in the boxwhoever ships these types of items needs to secure them with adhesive of some sort so they don't come off of the spindle that holds the center of the DVDThis is the ultimate scientific "proof" of spirituality.. The laws of relativity that Einstein found and mathematically described are still valid for the macrocosm at large; they apply in the relationships between large bodies, The best. as a people! Thus the puzzles and fables really had a creative impact and it¡¯s as it were through their push-and-pull that the new paradigm in natural and social sciences was going to be leveraged, unshakeable faith in any religious belief system, With relativity. with a storyline to illustrate the points made by the scientists (and o

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