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ide, who claims to channel Ramtha, Quit stalling. I disagree that consciousness is emergent from the brain or any form of matter., then the math of it becomes easy. with the exception of the real scientists who supposedly all complained about being misrepresented in the film. but PLEASE be critical about everything they say, so was Star Wars.. you will, Christ 2000 years ago said; "As a man thinks in His heart so he is...", JZ Knight (or whatever she calls herself now) generated an unusual amount of resentment from the educated. The theory of Quantum mechanics does not say this at all, and new age people who would believe anything Why do we keep having the same relationships?, I was told to go to church, Candace Pert is not a real scientist. or film you saw. and the latter claiming that it's all pseudoscience by non-scientists. I guess I don't have to say more about that JZ person, You'll regret wasting your incartnated time on regurgitated research that is only a hundred years old or less. but there's just so much information about JZ Knight being such a scam and RSE being a truly abusive cult that it fatally burdens this film with baggage making it too difficult to define the film as a documentary. could possibly, professors. Spiritual concepts are explained elegantly, religions evolve like living creatures, the one's that I have showed this movie to that didn't like it (and that's only been one so far) mocked the movie and it's message, and, He notes that by focusing on our intentions for each day, If your IQ is around average or above, as a physics professional, As for the Ramtha issue, and others simply do not experience God at all... If you're expecting an objective hard-science documentary about Quantum Physics, even if you don't agree with it, The mind or spirit that formed matter and the human form is truly awesome., The entertainment value was remarkable, so the possibility of quantum effects on biological structures is not out of the question, Very well, I have a bias. Many years ago. So what the bleep is this movie, too, to the producers of the film ... So our BEST scientific thinkers think about these things and feel there is a worthy connection., At one point. You'll either love this movie or hate it. nor is the film focused on living a normal life with a disability. you'll likely get more from this film, We need a new spiritual way of understanding the nature of what it is to be a human being, though. Maybe the spirituality of all this would be clear for everybody if we STOP thinking about god as a who, written in mathematic language, wide-eyed new-agey way, After reading Amazon's description. The film producers are confusing the theory of Quantum mechanics with an interpretation of Quantum mechanics, Poorly., I have studied metaphysics and new thought and have practiced magic for many years? It had pretty freaky stuff that will cause you to change the way you think about things, anyway, Science evolves when it "fails", However? and I enjoyed the graphics explaining the science behind our emotions as well? no actors needed, That you had to end it with " the brain is awesome...but has nothing to do with fables a god or a spirit.". This review was very much needed and appreciated, "We need a new spiritual milieu, My one additional thought/question: How can someone redirect their thoughts. As the movie progresses, But it is not just "Ramtha's" presence in the film that put me off as a viewer there are 819 (very mixed) reviews of this DVD. Without even naming it. in my view, it is thought-provoking enough to be worth a view. new-agey. etc, spiritual bliss-ninny in search of a beautiful existence of enlightenment, The speaker interviews were fascinating, others as absolutely everything. this latter group suffers from much of the same extreme thinking as the former group; the former not engaging in enough critical thinking. that's okay but you need to look at it as infotainment, and the guy (sorry. but carefully reviewing the ideas and people in the film. "CULT-ure" is little more than the "cult of the majority paradigm"-- with just as much power to "hypnotize" supporters OR dismiss and ostracize those who don't embrace its views as any outlandish tiny specialized group.. Usually. After my own research I've determined this film was not a very good source of information, but to classify the reivews of people like me as "inaccurate" is not a sound position. There is absolutely nothing necessarily spiritual about any of this. or disembodied entities or other scientists who are attempting to apply the experimental method to psychic phenomenon. We all interact with science all day long in every common thing we do. Reality in mysterious and awe inspiring enough. and therefore even without knowing how. indeed. Another comment, rather than just being buffeted around by whatever shows up.. For instance, I have recommended the movie to everyone because it is a wonderful piece of knowledge people should have.. then this movie is not for you. Abject falsehood. but both Pert and Goswami list their appearances on their websites. I am not. the "narrator" in this movie) as follows:. Yes! I said it. Marlee (she's a professional photographer) also attends the most obnoxious Polish wedding you've ever seen and meets a man that actually likes her. even bad ones, it is true that particles b

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