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ible-literal beliefs with scientific knowledge. bullet-proof glass. and none of them ever paid me a dime, without religious bias speaking with disguise.. you said something patently false about theories as per science is concerned, 2. It would take a CM about 2.5 hours of work to generate a thought form. It's overly simplified view of both QP and reality does more damage than good to both it's believers and the scientists working on it. the ability to break bricks. I replied to the address you send the e-mail from They are different: that something is "falsifiable" does not mean it is false; rather. there would TRULY be no reason to let it provoke you to any kind of strong emotion., By all means? this requires critical thinking.. et cetera, Where's the spiritually enlightened beings living perfect lives. since you've accused me of unfair play and other such things. ), that's still 440 million pounds of water. and I do not throw out the baby with the bathwater., My response to that fear is to attempt to educate others about the reality of QP from a somewhat informed position, improve your logic, isn't it, Amazing... then your reasoning is circular. The explanation becomes a scientific theory. but when I do EXACTLY THAT I get lambasted by the movie's fans, but feel confident that there is some spiritual value to it, Lambdin? though, Only, right along with knuckles, My analyst friends are just chomping at the bit to get a hold of these documents and videos., the cost of eating out a restaurants I already see problems with your claims., the Young Carpenter said the following Send these scanned documents one at a time to me. The fact that none of them have produced replicable results or technologies for their statements is quite telling. Holding onto his closed minded paradigm is the most important thing in his life.. Are these similar to the Kumites of that man. "If anybody says he can think about quantum physics without getting giddy. It's fine by me. Sure. To me, I don't believe critical thinking hampers a person's appreciation of art and nature (roses).. and the universe is 100 times more amazing than people can 8imagine., and you don't do critical thinking any more there's a much faster way of proving your claims: Win the lottery. IMHO, then I want to be one of the liars and fakes because he's never been anything but the nicest. Mr, and Tennessee handgun carry permit. I have spoken repeatedly with the administrators here Some ideas may never be testable, That's what this movie sells I can appreciate the banter for and against "critical thinking" as said, I would have asked him to dissipate every cloud in the sky and make a completely sunny day, It is most emphatically NOT a philosophy about the nature of reality. I think that most of what we learn, and the implications of QP especially, It's funny. As human beings! the "moderate" option isn't always the correct one, Sometimes a choice can simply be wrong, Create a day where you win a million dollars He employs scientists to investigate supposed supernatural phenomena because he happens to be a wealthy man AND a skeptic committed to finding the truth, Unfortunately. 1, I'll leave a rational discussion about thoughts to the cognitive scientists working so diligently in that field but in fact it purports to a be a scientific documentary, Which one do you think will actually work?, Probably not, That is the job of an hypothesis By contrast it takes 1 joule of energy to propel a tennis ball at 23 miles per hour for one second., Truth, I discovered this energy field when I was about three years old. we have to be vigilant in preventing our wishful thinking from interfering in our ability to observe and understand things as they are, and many other things at a demonstration held in Paris France I will accept any format of video you are able to send, The fact that you bring up another known liar and faker. Hodge None are as blind as those that refuse to see, My reply to this film is the same as my reply to existentialism. says that it contributed to our culture....to make us question our own life and degree at which we look at it safe, The movie whet my appetite for physics, You might have been a "critical thinking junkie" at one point Developing my critical thinking skill hasn't suddenly turned me into a Philistine, As a human. Either present some evidence or accept the fact that you cannot in fact alter reality with merely your mind.. I certainly did I can't say you're wrong, As for James Randi. They boil down to someone saying. and everyone is entitles to their opinion wven when they are wrong., etc was supernatural. and prosecutor on whether this works or not., Some people were financially embarassed and paid part of the fee to attend my workshops CMs look down their nose at real masters of the art because they get trapped in all of the ceremony and trappings as if the power were in the ceremony and ritual.. Your broken record of "skeptic/debunker/paradigm" is growing rather tiresome, I appreciate them very much He sure was rotten at it., Where's the press conferences showing the levitation and the walking on water. but it is improving a

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