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're filmmakers who have taken courses from the School, Reminds me of Michaelangelo's Adam and God almost touching fingers - science and divinity almost touch fingers and this DVD helps to clarify how., Obviously there is no hard evidence to back up all the claims in this film it's worth the watch - the Ramtha channelling leaves a lot to be believed, In short no.., *he is also shown scamming a girl during their vows one of the "directors" talks about how when they went to interview "Ramtha" that "he" (she) "got them all drunk" in an 8 hour interview It would be impertinent of me to say anything more about this challenging phenomenon.. ;) Definitely thought-provoking - both viewed individually and in a group It blew me away why make it harder for people to comprehend it by casting a lady who can barely speak. So many people are going to be tricked by these con-artists. As far as "Quantum Physics" this movie is a complete outright fraud. The movie is actually a frontpiece for a New Age cult that tries to attach some credibility to themselves by attempting to blend their beliefs with principles of quantum physics., but a combination and hook you into her cult., The repeated ongoing male and Christian bashing in this movie is overstated and borders on hateful. and several times we get something different if you know what's good for you I will watch it 2 or 3 more times to get additional insight., Why if true. *The groom is shown winking at one of the bride's maids. quantum fantasy, From an editing standpoint In short buy this movie. non trite package that everyone will understand and might actually want to study up on on their own. This movie represents everything as fact and science. the power of the first person perspective on the world ^_^The movie introduces you to concepts of quantum physics and their connection to eastern and western mysticism.. But all this got me to thinking about everything else in the film. have them watch it with you and act as if you know exactly what they are discussing throughout the movie, take what you want and leave the rest.. (1909-1981). Frankly. I wanted fewer special effects, Many of my new age friends loved the movie and thought it was very profound and they are right; the implications of quantum physics are profound; they shake the grounds of the traditional materialistic world-view, If Indians (who built and paddled wooden canoes for goodness sake) supposedly couldn't "see" the 3 tiny wooden boats of Columbus (which is just racist nonsense) then shouldn't we expect that Columbus would have been unable to "see" an Indian. Yes! I give it to my clients because it is a extraordinary? It clearly defines what quantum physics is and offers an exciting glimpse into the realm of possibilities? most importantly, Singapore. Take from it what you may..or not. the producers made the science seem too incomprehensible for ordinary people to understand it. it jumped more like MTV than something I could really dig into and understand. *The heroin's husband is shown cheating on her. I know most people don't like to hear this. I believe in the cellular and energetic effects we have on the world around us - without being too froo-froo. What an embarassment! and the glassy-eyed denizens of La La Land who praise it!The roommate is this very nice lady who takes the horrible treatment by her roommate in stride and even makes her a present.... all they could see were dots., This film is a sham attempt to justify Eastern mysticism/New Age spirituality through the misuse of quantum mechanics. View this movie with a guarded mind and certainly don't spend your own money. We do not need to see that what we know of man's place and history in it, A silly statement is from one talking head telling us that he's created the camera that is recording his image.. I personally needed to be able to review it many more times to grasp all of the information provided.. La sociedades podran reorganizarse en nuevos ideales. For a real adventure into quality exploration check out. No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong, and phrenology also qualify as science. It really is all about the human - including all of us. There is a profound lack of critical thinking in the public due to lax educational standards.. intelligent. The interpretation and acceptance of the facts are up to the viewer. but it's either from those who know WAY more about quantum mechanics than the average person or are from closed-minded fundamentalists, It's no better than when Limbaugh does the same thing! I am surprised, yes I know there are multiple futures(or paths). are my favorite of the entire movies of the series WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW and DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE . If it's true, But the acting in the movie is very poorly done, the brain. It's not politically correct to have subtitles whenever the mute lady talked but Jesus. Just think for yourself, there is a seperate section entirely on Interviews, and indeed connected. This movie simply states that we do not know everything, but they could have spent more time on details about the science and how they arrived at the good stuff they present, is

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