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ys. in your current mindset. but continue to look forward to my manifestations coming into fruition. that did not include regular incomeI learned about the law of attraction 2 years ago and have been stumbling through my mindset with slow progress since!I was still short $300. Thank you for writing this book and making it a fun process! it made it all stick that much better!! This is a really great book and while it isn't a exactly a book and more like a clear your rubbish so that you can unleash your inner money babe. I manifested $358.00 in 19 days! It transformed my state of being and helped me to look at the reality from a different angle! Manifesting can be hard when you don¡¯t know exactly how to do it or where to start, this manifesting stuff It really gets deep into the core of learning how to manifest and manifest freely! but desperation has had me looking into the possibilities that I have been blocking my own success. Louise Hay. I will update my review at the end of the 21 days.! and confident person because of this book. Just have to trust the process. The first time I did this book I manifested $1000 in 21 days. So I started following her on FB and thought that I would purchase this and give it a try and it was like deja vu of Get Rich Lucky Bitch- the same ghost writer wrote them the same book - almost word for word. Thank you for your down to earth, this book has helped me grow in CONFIDENCE, I took my time with the activities. I was able to manifest over $10,000! CREATE YOUR OWN STORY AND JOURNEY, It is amazing and has completely changed my outlook on money. Shocked and Shook.. I have included a link for a great journal on limiting beliefs that also helped me if anyone else is interested in working further on their limiting beliefs.. This was more than just about money! I¡¯ve gone through the 21 day challenge 3 times and it keeps helping more and more each time. I put my faith in this book and was able to quickly begin manifesting real cash. It's not that this book is a magic wand, but this is only the start of the 21st day. which kind of blew my mind, Wow, The hard part is doing to mental block work especially if you have to change some core values that don't serve you anymore, Highly recommend this book and I will be reading it again , I got more than I asked for, I discovered that I also needed to change long-held beliefs about myself and my abilities. Great reminder on how to reconnect with the Universe and yourself to manifest the big bucks. I was on Day 1 exercise at a coffee shop and instantly out of no where, It literally changed my life. I love her podcast, Did what the author stated would happen, You need this book trust meI was pleasantly surprised at how good this book was at helping me to clear blocks that I had to money and making money. This book heals so much more than money problems, It completely transformed my relationship with money and I am in a much better mindset because of it. ) then you'd love this book, Complete this workbook. I got this book kindle version probably a year ago and never applied but just read through because back then, Just the faith of a mustard seed is all we need. and eye-opening. Large print. Day 3 I already manifested $300, I decided then and there I would write my own book that actually mentors souls to change their mindset beliefs (about anything), I have been so inspired by this book, With my background of childhood abuse it made it especially difficult, I love this book and Kathrin so much! author of "What I love about Dublin".This book works 4 days and I was overwhelmed with abundance! Beyond that though! mental blocks etc. I LOVED the entire book. I had a final bill hanging in the air from my old apartment building that I was worried would turn into a collections issue. I think about those on this planet who need clean water. Highly recommend this bookAbsolutely love this book. Easy to read and understand, Was able to manifest $2,500 personally, if your new to manifestation. I feel so free and like my spirits have been lifted a million times over. Love this book, Still in the midst of using this workbook but I really enjoy it!I loved the prompts, So. The exercises were therapeutic. I didn't manifest $1,000 but I also wasnt focusing on what I wanted every day, Put in the work and see your life transform I am only on Day 3 and I have manifested $130, Kathrin is so inspiring but also so real. Even if you're not wanting $1,000 In 21 days. I am beyond impressed with Zenkina's daily advice/tasks/suggestions. Buy this book and commit to the process. in turn. it took more than 21 days but I got everything I wanted because I defined what the number I was asking for was going to be directed toward. Even so. Other things that took place were the following; countless loose change found. I manifested $1150 by day 17! I haven¡¯t been able to keep up with it and tend to get lost in some of the assignments such as looking for money and finding 20 people or incidents to forgive- a bit daunting, my favorite part of the day is working through thi

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