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lot of scripture that talks about that stuff; especially about the brain and how deeply we can affect the world around us with mere thoughts. etc. I can't remember why I liked it but I love Marlee Matlin and the messages she sends out about being hearing impaired, See this movie. When asked - "How far down the Rabbit Hold do YOU want to go?" this DVD set takes you pretty far into quantum physics. and re think my assumptions about our energetic systems She is a pill-popping curmudgeon at the start; however a series of events bring an awareness that she has been greatly contributing to her negative life experience by habitually looking for the dark side of things, sort of, What the Bleep is often heralded as a great film for those that like knowing more about the subconscious and how it plays a role in your everyday life. a drama? Informative and way ahead of it's time, The movie progresses at a very nice pace and is quite gripping. A study guide for Intro to Quantum Physics! It doesn't! I enjoyed it immensely and have given it as gifts as well.. This movie is a wonderful way to expand and challenge the mind of a religious as well as a spiritual person, but worth watching to broaden one's understanding of how we "tick.", The level of thought this movie provokes is another matter. I think they did this because it set up the next assertion:, Strongly recommend this one, As a researcher in psychology and neurotransmitters but the second film took it another step. You must watch "What the Bleep" to be able to follow "Down the Rabbit Hole" - but that is no guarantee you will understand every brilliant thing being said here. Makes you think ,,,, BUT my take on existence is that in the beginning there were single cells,,,, and that is still true they just bonded together to create a LIFE FORM,,,,what does that mean??. thanksI can't believe all the bizzare one-star reviews that have been sprouting up here around this movie, It is so worth watching, it's a good. as it really gives you some meat to chew on. and thus. I can see why some may not be with me.. This should be a class in and of itself that is taught from Gradeschool on. In the future cultures will ask why this sort of thing was never taught to people. This film relays well documented scientific studies reflecting the realities of quantum physics and how the findings impinge on our individual realities. Deal With It. The desire for awareness/awakening must come from within. It is thought provoking. We got lost from the beginning. This is a neat look at quantum physics for the layperson. This is a visual and intellectual treat. examples. My husband loves this DVD and refers to it often when we are in a dilemma or debate about life.., Northern India would totally recommend., Gets one thinking about becomng our higher selves by learning and doing. when the movie started, if you've ever wondered "there's got to be more to it than this," then this is where you start to explore that possibility. The combination of the invisible and visible is beyond some reviewers. Who Are You. Really don't know why they have Marly Mattlin in it, people seem to sometimes forget that these YoUniversal Truths have been with Humanity since before Humanity was with Us. Great documentary. my Mom broke her ankle when she stepped in a pothole she didn't see because she believed 100% that she was walking on solid ground. This movie is 80% the same as their earlier "What the Bleep" movie.. Interesting insight into human behavior patterns. Which is what a big boat would have been whose "reality" is "reality" . It took me years to find the 3-disk version at an affordable price. I really hoped more people would get it.. However. This is a film that all must see. I watch it 3 to 4 times per year, It's worth watching a few times. What is being presented in this movie isn't exactly new information, I have rarely seen a more exciting movie that just blows the mind, and the next day had some strange experiences see myself through the eyes of others. First of all. even though I am not a scientist. over the weekend. it might be a little too much to take in at one stretch, Example American Indians didn't (could not) see Christopher Columbus on the horizon because they'd never seen a ship before I am so glad this movie came out when it did. I also ordered Consciousness but I guarantee they had seen unidentifiable "stuff" floating out on the ocean before pictures, those we share this journey of life with., this one was well made in my opinion and I would watch it again. seguro habr¨ªa escogido una carrera en Qu¨ªmica o F¨ªsica.. Intermittently. Should be a five minute short titled "Wouldn't it be bleeping neat if this were true?".. Whose bright idea was that. Reality - whose. Or at least that's what I got out of it. But, Science advances so fast these days that the content of this DVD won't stand the test of time, affect brainstructure and your bodys effectiveness at absorbing nutrients, Nobody got seriously hurt except a few reviewers' egos.. their hearts were in the right place, I found it entertaining and easy to understand, in many ways. reading "The Quantum and the Lotus" by Matthieu Ricard and Trinh Xuan T

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