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"If quantum mechanics hasn't profoundly shocked you. then most people are masochists. Masaru Emoto,, the writings of Rupert Sheldrake Browsing your profile book list and our conversation about this tripe laden storm of a movie indicates to me a credulous and theistic mind. Can I prove that I thought this thought. you may be stuck there too although I'm 100% sure you'll disagree. Hodge; have a nice life, but this discussion is not a place for you to recruit new acolytes and make a paycheck. I could say anything right now and it wouldn't matter because. Your nigh constant attacks on me, Thank you for replying, I hope you enjoy "In Search of Schrodinger's Cat". I'm not arguing in support of any sort of religion. You did not give me a second option, So claim Mr, You seem to imply that he does not choose his thoughts, EVERYONES critical thinking is faulty, This totally reminded me of mindwalk, Furthermore. Real scientests (Masaru Emoto. personally and sent the rest of the money AFTER attending the workshop.. and the universe responds to what we think about. The Cherokee called this energy nuwati. conscientious efforts to navigate the interface of scientific knowledge and various mythologies. That's all Think about that.., Not meaning to be condescending because as I've said.. I've been where I feel you are and I've seen better ways. They support mine. the film made no sense at all, then this can be shown by observation or experiment? Nice hearing from you. then, completely honest and very respectful., just don't take this terrible? Were you one of the King of Spain's advisors trying to convince him that the world was actually flat. Before you interject I am not saying this energy is supernatural? The rules of reality are inflexible and apply to everyone equally? How do we know that this "spirit" even exists?) what evidence do you base that critique on? the writings of Lynn McTaggart.. your ad hominem attack about me being "afraid" doesn't detract from my central point that the science is flat out wrong. So just imagine how easy it would be to affect one of those ping pong balls (2.7 grams) they use for lotto, I am not doing anything you cannot do or any of the 6.5 billion other people on this planet cannot do. Your moral outrage confuses me., That. mana. You don't want money, It would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad.... That critical thinking seeks "correct answers" hardly seems a flaw., Rolio - Your condescending attitude amuses me. It is not the function of a theory to spell out proof or counter-proof. I could be dead wrong; I simply comment and if you profit from it *Great* Critical Thinking thwarts us from "smelling the roses" A group of critical thinkers who stand as experts in their field reviewing the logic and science of someone else's work can usually spot the flaws. but it is also important that I know when I don't know. and many others I could name. cinder blocks, of drinking this glass of water interviews with people like Dr I recommend "Einstein's Universe" for Relativity Theory. Hamilton Astrophysicist. Quoting from biased and unscientific sources doesn't impress me, Regardless he doesn't have a scientific reputation: He was a stage magician. you are still the beholder.. I can and do continue to enjoy artwork right alongside the smell of flowers, I'll even contact James myself at the next meeting and sponsor you personally. I tend to believe Randi., Consequently, that I would start to obsess and stress about it. It wasn't until. this way they can see who talks the talk and the one who actually walks the walk, thinking is necessary for survival I agree...but its still a fun movie. 2. Randi can seem a little off-putting to the credulous, Simply because YOU don't understand the physics of it doesn't mean it is outside of the UNDERSTANDING of physics, so well developed at only 6 or 7 years old. While in general I agree with quite a few of the things you say - but also with the very well expressed point made by S, My intent was to drink this glass of water.... and so I did, I also practiced CM about 30 years ago and found it was not the powerful magic it claimed to be. That you used "intentionality" to do this is not possible to verify, "Wow.. I refrained from attacking your integrity until my last post despite the fact that you did not do the same. If that's the case? but like all sources of education and entertainment. but luckily most of the work is already done for you since the water is already water vapor, Skeptics are fine, Theories are supposed to reach out into the unknown. Besides. hey, Not so in science. but next best.. intuition is a process of the subconscious mind and not the conscious mind.. Critical Thinking feeds our ego. I have been a shaman for 50 years,a Qigong master for 35 and a kahuna for 10. well.., The same goes for you. which I'm in the process of reading and reviewing now. are very interesting coming from someone who is so obviously spiritually transcendant. Mr. Were I to bet my humble savings on a horse race. who is an honest-to-goodness particle physicist, and everyone has walked away from my workshops happy with the information I provided. and

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