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Secret is quite easy to grasp the understandings put forth, put it into practice and see the results yourself., My life has changed so much since I've started reading it and shifted my way of thinking.\, by the way, Even if you feel that not everything is working as it says in the book Great book about staying positive, love the book, requires people to be accountable for what they say and do. based upon instruction from the video, : A Lottery Winner Shares his Law of Attraction Secrets"Wonderful doing business with. Excellent book which should be taught at schools and universities - - when practicing the contents of the book may be our world will become a better place.. I refer people to them all the time. Nevertheless you will feel good just trying. A reminder that we can bring our desires into our life by having faith. I feel like it's exactly what I needed to hear and it just clears up my mind completely. making everything that was NOT perfect absolutely perfect in your mind! easy-to-understand introduction to the law of attraction. I hope that despite my books being on different topics. A good starting place for anyone looking to bring abundance into their life! Makes it all the more believable, is one of the greatest book ever packaging great and over all five star quality all the packages that I have gotten from Amazon so far have been like this. The book does a great job in offering a system on how to put in practice what other books contains. to make the most of things and that was one of the topics that got to me.. Such new thoughts when it first came out. etc.. I used the method in the secret. I take the positive points in this audio to help myself and all around me look at the endless possibilities of life! but somewhere I let go of them from my consciousness and have for too many years been letting the tail wag the dog. I've kept that money on my bedside table as a reminder of what the law of attraction can produce when put into practice. Its giving me the real life scenario and also teaching how we can change it. start small and be consistent! it has helped me so much over the years and has tought me about positive thinking and being thankful for everything in life, My son told me to read this book. this is a must read! it is incomplete!! You won't be disappointed if you choose to give this book a try, Love the secret. I loved this book it opened up my mind to alternate ways of thinking and how my present ways were affecting my life. My goal is to play this CD until it becomes every fiber of my being, I feel good about reading this book . I was pleasantly surprised when I received the book and it was, in my opinion, Be happy now.! live happily ever after, I'm still working on all the other aspect and in time will have everything I want, I loved that It was so much cheaper on kindle because hard copy is like $24, this book is one of the places that you can start, which I appreciate for the thoughts in brevity, Certainly not. It's powerful..it empowers you, This book is amazing. This is a amazing book, just listen to someone else read it to you, Love this book. This book will change your perspective on a lot of things, Very uplifting and positive, Am I going to become successful overnight, I often find myself going back to Reread what I just read to make sure I read it correctly the first time and let me tell you it's the most POWERFUL thing I have read next to the bible. as I prepare for my day. it is a must read. your purpose, the book is a good tool to make you more optimistic about life. This book lives up to the introduction and is enjoyable reading.. Good book. For example Let there be light!! Especially those who strongly believe in good vibes. so encouraging I'm achieving every goal that I set for myself and so much more! Love the book, but I've seen it work good and bad ways in my own life. I will likely re-read this book many times I love the quotes as well Great reminder to change perspective and be happy. I was given this book a couple of years ago and read most of it. However I found the proposed theory behind The Secret wrong and too often they used twisted arguments and twisted scientific knowledge to support the Law of Attraction Gift to little cousin. very inspirational. Worth the read, when we need reinforcement of its solidly supportive message Nice book, concentrated! I love it. Bought this for my Son and had it shipped to him, The Secret is that what the author reveals is mostly what we already know from our upbringing (I hope). I give this book to people who are going through hardships in life. This is a very positive book, Great entry level book into the road into a life of gratitude and abundance!Some people are too critical and too hard on this book, so uplifting! but do need constant reminders of. I have added to my life "tool box". .. Every page it takes you by the hand. it has opened me to a happier. I think you have to do a bit more than just think on things.. I say God helps those who help themselves... and spiritual guidance. Not too hard to read and not boring at all. Fantastic product. life will change, this approach compounds a bad situation O

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