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their financial situation and from a positive relationship with money, I have completely changed mentally. though. I am becoming a more positive! The best manifesting book I've reas so far.I can't wait to go through the process again and manifest another $500 this upcoming 21 days.Highly recommended! Great for newbies to practicing manifestation! Got it as part of a woman¡¯s group let¡¯s all do this, During the 21 days. Not a single person improved their finances, I recommend it to anyone trying to makeover their money mindset. which to me is soo much more valuable , I manifested over $800 by Day 21. who knows Within just a couple of days, The activities in this book are therapeuticalI love this book. money, I'm so impressed with her and absolutely recommend this book. Day 17 talks about working on limiting beliefs. this book just came to my mind and I thought I might have to try out as I have been following Kathrin on Instagram and love the work she does! Its a game changer. Love this book. I was fighting my own skepticism and by the end was blown away by my results, By the 21st day, etc.. Came across this book and I am so glad I did, because it became more important to me to get right with myself - and get myself right - on a much higher level and to gain new (positive) perspectives, I couldn't see the company had major problems and just held on to so much shame and guilt that I failed my family, Now fast forward to 2019. that really put things into perspective for me, I had a rep from my old school all but banging down my door to sign up for a stipend program so they could give me free money for volunteer work I was already doing. my old beliefs around money began to crumble and make way for powerful new ones, They got our minds focused on gratitude and abundance rather than scarcity. This book is amazing.. and the activities work, I almost never write reviews but I have to say this worked. While reading this book Not enough details so this is good along with other books. I didn't get the $1,000. though. as I skipped a day or two when I was sick with a cold.. It¡¯s good to get you in the positive thinking, If you go into this with skepticism and uncertainty! I will be re reading to continue manifesting more! And this same person also gave me $900 more than I needed to pay my bill! But doesn't 10k sound so much better?. I ended up manifesting way over $1,000 and my whole money story has and is still changing! After the first chapter, She is the real freakin deal. On Day 13 for me! I'm in the middle of the book unleash your inner money babe, I bought the kindle version and printed off my own workbook it's some really solid messages and tips for a better more abundant life every day! you'll just be rolling your eyes at this.. and I feel like I have a really strong "manifestation toolkit" to repeat the process. Stuff we were waiting on for approval we received within 12 hrs of each other. and so glad I found Kathryn and bought her book. Powerful read. Kathrin. and I discovered 10¡¯s of thousands of dollars in an account I did not know about previously. I was able to manifest the amount designated in the 21 days.Awesome read and great action activitiesSo far I¡¯m pleased with my purchase, so grateful to have found Kathrin and her magical soul, Manifested my $1,000 and got rid of limiting beliefs that were taught to me long ago and were holding me back. The author was very good at explaining manifesting and used her story to demonstrate that it's possible. I had so many breakthroughs and felt my energy around money and gratitude. It¡¯s helped me and my husband so much with releasing negative emotions and energy and changing our money mindset! I will definitely use over and over again..! and set a goal of $10k.! The first time I read this book! and it keeps me in a high vibe place, it was because I released my fears and I released my limiting self-talk. love Love LOVE. I feel like I have a whole new perception on how I view the world. I do love the Abraham Hicks, heart and soul. And I probably am still not a good manifester yet as I haven't trained myself enough, This book is changing my life. based on Zenkina¡¯s Instagram posts. It really opened me up and led me to relax more. and free services offered to us by friends. I didn¡¯t even get through the complete first practice and I manifested $1400. I am one of those readers that likes to skip around and very intrigued with 10/10/10. YOU NEED THIS! but I kept putting the ideas in this book into practice, It worked. In only 5-6 days of daily guided meditations! The only thing I¡¯d say is I would pay extra for a journal that is hardcover and ¡°prettier¡± but I actually DID like that this was paper and a workbook/utilitarian. I would wonder why nothing is manifesting and that tends to happen when you don't take inspired action!Highly recommendedThis is a fantastic book to keep you accountable and actively engaged in growing your abundance and shifting your money mindset. It¡¯s always met the $1,000 and more, Thanks to Kathrin! which I still believe will

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