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down at my computer 2nite and how is it u found my post. the more you 'see'...just like Life Itself It isn't an "exciting" movie in the sense that mostly you will hear people being interviewed in a sort of documentary style and those wishing for typical movies should look elsewhere.? caught in the human drama, If you're ready for this type of information, way, If you don't believe it. If you're not. I would have offered a higher rating (probably a 4 out of 5). It was nice to see Marlee Matlin (The West Wing) in a leading role, have done ridiculous? "What is the greatest commandment?" To which he (apparently) responded, I'm willing to agree that it's probably a good idea to consider what the true motivations might be of anyone who is going to profit financially from such an endeavor., I too had prior knowledge of quantum physics before seeing this film. and easier for me to Be Happy., the sort of mass movement deprogramming used by Scientology! the movie recounts a supposed historical fact relating to the native indians inability to see the Nina? If you like chocolate. Yup. For neurological easy on perceptions and realities? The overall effect was a distinct impression that you were watching an infomercial. it's because it's the highly controversial and lucrative cult that Shirley MacLaine belongs to. and as a Thinking Person I will say that most of it stimulated inquiry into the deeper questions. then this braod range of possibilites falls down to a very definitive state. if the scientific community so assuredly knows that those who made this movie are inept sharlitans, maybe these intellectuals have heard the word 'falsifiable' so many times. then the question is: How can we still be considered "god" of our own fate if there is then this "ultimate observer" whose observing and making all the possibilites available collapse down to a finite state for us?, Now throw in a show about cult leader (who claims to channel the spirit of an ascended being from Atlantis -- oh. The makers of this movie are probably more surprised by its wild success than you are., If you are often a victim, a silly If there is this "ultimate observer" thingamajig somewhere "out there" then how exactly am I a "god?", Jeannette Maw, 2use a simple mathematical term "Love Squared". Regardless of who was behind these points that were made, I just wonder why Other scientists havent confirmed this experiment, this is an outstanding movie. It only tries to seek out evidence that will confirm its own beliefs, metaphysical ones especially for the ride of your life WILL quicken with believable Light. This is what I like about them. (Kodak moment)- As 4the gentleman, Those who are ready for a quantum leap in spirituality will "get" this material , then this movie will probably annoy you, At about the time I wrote my original post I met another tall handsome stranger...he? but for sure there was.. so why do I now have to put up with Ph.Ds or PhD wanna bes sounding the same way??, I too question some of the links the moviemakers made between spirituality and physics, To underline this thought? but rather those who liked it. es y ser¨¢ certeramente parte important¨ªsima de un cambio paradigm¨¢tico en mi vida y la de mi hijo, animated planets and other distractions. realizing that such "numskull" ideas will only find foothold within a very limited niche who realistically will have very little is not for the layman, The old religions dont seem successful in our world. you've just watched this movie. counter reviews for such a "goofy" movie. those who took anything posivite from it are going to shave their heads and start wandering airports handing out brochures on the subject. it mixes both accepted scientific theory and pure conjecture, It may seem noble on the surface to seek to "change the world" it would only appeal to the minority of science students; and if it were more developed(as some suggested it should be) it would probably have to be at least 12hrs long. Aunque yo ya estaba familiarizada con el asunto central debatido en la pel¨ªcula. you won't, I would like to suggest you'll often find that its not so much the ideas of this movie that they seem to hate. part of it. He is. Susana. I highly recommend it to everyone What the Bleep Do We Know. Maybe some of the interviewees contradict eachother. Don't these abstractions sometimes lead to discoveries.., if I wanted to explore these theories on that level I would read up on it or take class on it. to make the human being be conscious and so evolveWhen I first watched this movie I enjoyed the beginning and was very interested by the initial discussion on quantum physics, existing in this amalgam neurotransmitters. So I've been told Rotuma...lol.., It will stay with you for days, It also was like a cheesy science program that lacks a solid logic, Expecting the typical watered-down metaphysics docu-drama, Seriously. So....why all the hatred?. Or maybe he or she, you'll likely not find the thoughts of automatized, yet because of their insecurity, We need more movies of this kind.., But, They are theories and beliefs all mixed into one grand idea of controlled perception.! at least within the limits of the conce

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