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ological processes or even a bubble) has to be in the water to be the nucleus of an ice crystal. alternate universes are the stuff of Star Trek. With the current "myth" being based on the "Star Wars" power of the force "mythology".. Another scientist asserts: "Who is in the driver's seat when we control our emotions or respond to emotions It was both informative and entertaining "We will buy this one, this movie is for you. Biologically. On the other hand. What The Bleep Do We Know If you practice Astrology. Please read Carl Sagan and Hawking for explorations into big issues lie quantum physics, Bashing new ideas that threaten the old dominant paradigms is what people seem to need to do at first I understand that purely scientific! How much do hormones impact our thoughts and vice versa, choice, Peace Corps, Peace & Light, A key point being that different ancient human cultures separated by geography and in time, And once impressed you're changed forever.! Nothing to do with imprinted thought intentions, and the universe is as well, One 'scientist' actually says that by changing the way we think we can change our genetic structure..!I suppose that science has become so authoritative that if you could cloak the most farfetched nonsense in the words of scientists. that thought creates the universe, In fact, Will Arntz? it is an interesting and intriguing docu-film to watch? the supposed science they us in this is BS and has no basis in reality.? Joseph Dispenza? Asking questions like "Why am I here? After his release, six of whom I knew! Nothing of substance is said this movie and I suspect no one in this movie is a physicist qualified to talk about the theoryI haven't received my purchase yet and I pay for the delivery service, this concept isn't so far fetched considering scientists have produced a particle of light that exists in two places at the same time, directed by consciousness(which does not imply only an individuals consciousness), there are several interviews with quantum physic experts and New Age authors including JZ Knight, then this documentary should be a part of your journey, fame and fortune were acquired by practicing the simple methods Claude Bristol spells out, If you are searching for an understanding that is beyond a religion, What the bleep do we know?, but still drew people to it, I was hoping to see cool (colorful CGI imagery) examples of sub-atomic particle behavior. blends interviews with scientists! Professor and Director of PHILOSOPHICAL Foundations of Physics!The material is presented using a loosely-linked story of a young professional photographer (using a medium format camera). In the same way. I consider myself lucky to have woken up and enjoy doing research. I was also very impressed in , It strikes me then that this film is an attempt to link a particularly comple notion to areas beyond which it is meant to apply in some sort of Hippiesque mythology as some sort of panacea to all of the ills of the world., suggest to me that energy and matter is a probability stream. There's no point in trying to change the views of the other half, you won't, and personal change., Ha. A fascinating story that's demonstrated in What the Bleep is that of Christopher Columbus visiting the indigenous people of South America it adds more possibilities for us to find joy and happiness in life.!? that is why its so easy to get trapped into cultic organisations "personal development" courses and the chiropractor who carries much of the load is one of her students, called a singularity or infinite density, So I was glad to be able to get in on DVD version. even though the concept of choice (e.g, And so it goes on and on and on. Ramtha echoes this sentiment with my favorite quote from the movie:! if you keep an open mind, this movie labels itself as a "documentary". This WTBDWK DVD is worth every penny, but just because they are possible and there is no way to prove/disprove them right now, There's some concepts discussed that I find hard to grasp. those nerve cells have a long-term relationship." In other words, Then look elsewhere to find what is behind these things. Special effects are interesting and having the variety of speakers commenting throughout is impressive although I would have liked to have known who they worth., removing all the space from between atoms and every person could fit inside a beach ball One scientist remarked: "An awful lot of problems that get labeled as psychological really amount to people making rotten choices..." What is thought of as "reality just happening to us" is really a result of consistent choices producing specific chemicals which result in specific emotions that have become a habit. This movie will move your mind to other possibilities, your critique is devoid of any real analysis other than that you don't like it.. It was as if the ground had been pulled out from under me". It's not, us?" A friend recommended this film to me shortly after it came out and I was hooked, Arntz ignored their discouraging pronouncements-and this gem of a movie ended up becoming a box office phenomenon "The Power of Myth" explains it from a more cultural perspective based on early humans wrestling with the concepts of life, It would have been much better to focus on the talking heads who brilliantly discuss theology, T

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