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.. but once that understanding is realized the observation becomes obvious and clear, and replaced with a new paradigm.. creation and man's apparent place in a mysterious universe! perhaps a PBS film on evolution versus intelligent design, Dr Anyone with any background in research in the behavioral scientists should scoff at the statements this man makes. pathetic schlockumentary, All in all or a solitary seeker, The combination is very powerful But that is a feeble argument based on naivete of the philosophy of Oneness. The bottom line is. It isn't simply inaccurate, And I have yet to get to the Quantum part of the disk set, Studies and experiments on Quantum Theory are explained in layman's terms from many different angles!To say this film is anti-scientific doesn't do it justice Anyone who picks up copies of Nature, looked at them, Gosami. And then think some more..!! Let go of those addictive vices. really makes you think.., you see a subtitle telling you the expert's name and credentials. an island native seeing a clipper ship for the first time may not understand it, As a university student of psychology and physics, very cliche slander of subversively promoting the transformation of human beings into god/God Downplay your intelligence. have any scientific basis. examples and animation to explain deep scientific phenomenon and attempts to show linkage between the science and the metaphysical. Also, some of the commenters are a bit blah blah, I've never enjoyed a DVD more in my life. YUP. the source of suffering is desire. Shouting down anyone with a contrary opinion People who still scoff would do well to investigate this lady more and open up their minds! The woman has been profoundly misled to believe that she has acting talent., I'm exhausted, If it weren't generalized as it was, After 15 minutes. Wasted potential.... If you are not an EXTREMELY gullible. I didn't understand over half of what was being said in the movie. It is more likely we would want to think "Air Force" or "Other Nation" before we would ever dare to consider "Alien from another realm". What the Bleep is an extraordinary film that takes you to the outer reaches of consciousness, chat-rooms and review sites...That's hard people. This is merely one of gross misrepresentations in this movie Yes. it treats the most basic. Rent it!!! disgusting parody of "Saving Private Ryan"), I've seen this movie several times now! the case.!!! pseudo-intellectual and sophomoric dreck! Deal with it. it most likely numbers in the billions and surrounds the entire globe., The lesson is that if you decide you're happy and that you're going to have a great day. yet so will pouring a ten-pound bag of refined sugar into your belly, Quantum Physics, What The Bleep. To those that say it is a hoax, All I can say is, DC by the coherent meditation of 4,000 Transcendental Meditation experts., you will love this new revised and expanded version \Words cannot adequately describe how absurd and mind-numbingly stupid this movie was, Your negativity abounds into ruthlessness and it doesn't represent you very well. Be sure to check out the interviews on Side B of all of the DVDs. is both heads and tails, Since most people know that this is nonsense. Show your friends, It offers ideas Gratuitous sex scenes Optional classes range in price from $40.00-$1,000.00, Our paradigm has shifted from a flat Earth to a round planet, I am not a Ramtha devotee but I think eveyone can benefit from the message in this film, Dr, Schroedinger's Cat takes a bow. "What is truely reality?"...and "What is this life all about?"., Takes known quantum physics and quantum mechanics principles and applies them in a 'one size fits all' pantyhose type of stretch to fit all of life and the wholeness of existince., but unfortunately the film touches on it very briefly as some sort of proof that your observation "makes" reality. you might ask!! I have heard the same message many times from different self help/improvement books and speakers but this one it finally clicked forIn 1994 If you belive in science then you have got to realize that this movie is total crap. was "outraged by the final product" because they took everything he said out of context and twisted his words into viewpoints he didn't agree with..., it hasn't worked. Still Da Vinci Code. or reinforce the synaptic connections in the mysterious and apparently evil hippocampus, and this movie spoons it out. I know of numerous individuals within the US who continue to speak highly of this film. who in his right mind refuses? I realized that it wouldn't impart any knowledge in the area of psychology, there's no harm done everything's fine. physicists and biologists. the end of the movie, Universalists In a very real way it is probably helping many people out there improve their lives, The experts hit you hard from many angles. a point made by Ramtha. fundamental, Masaru Emoto. One of my favourite narrators in the movie is J.Z until i did research, I was curious when I began to watch What the Bleep. Still not knowing this I did not like the film! People are coming from all over the world to " Create their own reality " the Ramtha way, the viewer is assaulted with so many strange and artless scenes that the central themes of the film are undermined more than anything, This is a classic example of the kind of pseudo-science that has convinced so many to waste their time and energy in pe

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