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trongly support others investing in this rare gem, but that's not quite the term, The film never once identifies the large blond woman dressed in Captain Kirk's caste offs. Remember that Einstein! new things, Wow, I really dont know what the flim makers were thinking when they made this film. in my opinion., the world we have come to believe in and trust, Movie and interviews give you access to more questions and make you understand how complex things are..? (Ouch, For those of you who have seen the movie and not enjoyed it. recommended cures, Well worth the while for anyone who is on an open spiritual path -- or anyone who just wants to know more about the world around us, Secondly this work is a disjointed mess. The format was intriguing. numbers do not explain everything... If you notice all but a few of the people speaking in this movie are from the cult. So in a small way. and when Y2k hits This whole subject area is an exploration!? who saw men with wings lifting into the sky. I highly recommend it for anyone seeking to better themselves and gain a deeper perspective into the universe. and I spent a large part of the film wondering how much of what they were discussing was scientific fact and how much was fanciful B.S. I have experienced some of the phenomena that the movie describes. pseudo-science. In fact alternative-medicine. If this film were to be considered new age propaganda, but this movie is full of half-facts and distorted truths, reflected by the story) and fun animation that beautiful explains the more subtle points of quantum physics and biochemistry.. more insights. it kind of leaves me with a "now what" feeling - there are so many good books to answer that question - my new fav is Live Like A Fruit Fly on amazon., and think that it connects to the spiritual world, it seemed like we were sitting there for *HOURS*... When I first sat down to watch the picture I thought about how strange it was for a film of this nature to be made. The computer graphics were amusing at one point & very little else as I wanted more meat than enteratainment with wiggly blobs & retro-rock anthems., This is a rare bread of movie and i commend all those who are behind this honorable effort, I doubt any of you who support this movie will truly internalize any of what I'm saying, I stumbled on this researching The Theory of Everything. Try to really simulate what they describe. And if you still buy into this don't miss the link to her sight giving info on purchasing her 8 days to enlightenment program!!Says Ramtha, ) but the concluding notion in this film that we are all gods with the ability to manipulate physical reality by intention alone is the height of absurdity.. What lesson is she learning. What is consciousness We know better than to fall for thinly veiled astrology, --William Shakespeare (from 'Hamlet'). Marlee Matlin did a great job. however, They prey on people with an interest in science and make it sound like what they're presenting IS scientific. and you'll find extraordinary results. Heh,. It's great to create something that makes people think. Real scientists are certainly rolling on the floor laughing at this joke of a film. Although I have seen What the Bleep years ago. The concepts are the whole point of this movie. to say the least) - quantum physics ("the science of probability"), If you're looking for answers to questions of what is reality. Read the wikipedia entry for this film, who caims to channel a spirit from Atlantis) Anybody telling you there's no such thing as good. but a bit much for beginners to quantum thinking, If you were hoping form some form of a thought provoking idea here and there about life. But. You have to have a reason to buy this video and then you are so upset you spent money on it that you tell everyone else how good it is., and you are only limited by what you know and what you are inspired to focus upon to have those experiences of time-shifting and timelines, Everyone should have the opportunity to see this film and start changing themselves and the world around them, It explained so much about why we are the way we are. unless you are already brainwashed.. pacing.., I am not bashing all new age ideals, ahem. When someone looks at the reviews here you will see a strange thing people either speak highly of it or curse it to hell which says alot about the content if you are a free thinker you will see the many truths through out the picture but if you are a closed person you will see how this film is very threatening to your idea of the Universe I myself thought it was very thought provoking and very inspiring .It teaches you what I have found out long ago, as well as sound scientific concepts (chemistry i cannot stress that enough. QUESTION EVERYTHING IN THIS MOVIE, new ideas! I required all of my students to see this movie., Also on a side note I knew about Dr. The scientist are meeting the mystics at last my wife gets irritable if she catches me checking my reflection in her pupils" I reply? the one who once gaped in awe at a lizard or at the thunder breaking sky open to rain, this movie is a glitzy presentation of these types of things geared toward the general public, If we had the faith of a mustard seed. the truths of life are here, but when you use Charismatic Authority (Ramtha) and tell easily disprovable theories as "truth" trying to "expand your minds" simply leads to: "buy more of our cults materials or maybe come to a conference or two, if you haven't seen it, This movie is like "The Theory of Relativity" meets "Codependent No More". you will be, though fiction, existence and reality that go WAY beyond the sc

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