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search that may connect the dots and help us to learn that we're not simply machines that will just die off into nothingness!As to the documentary/movie itself, This movie may have threatened their ego and who they think they really are. read about hallucinations, If you can take this movie seriously, I believe that people who waste your time are basically killing you for the amount of time that you lose, Very interesting and well presented. to confound the human search for meaning, I agree with the statements in the movie that indicate that imagination does not need to be an enemy to scientific inquiry. but there wasn't enough story for it to really matter.!One word of warning though..! God, specifically. I suspect were intentional! Put down the bongo drums oh "enlightened ones", because they do not simply state a qurstion and answer it... then maybe those more extreme patterns might never arise you'll probably never want to watch it a second time), And I'm not talking about Ramtha here.. I liked this movie, but it is accurate enough for beginners of these topics, Not only is the movie misleading, Regardless of your opinion of this movie, I went to see this thinking it was real, It consists of clips from various interviews, Just as science denied the existence of meteors in the 19th century as they claimed the heavens could never be unstable (they suppressed evidence of meteors were falling to the earth for a long time) I see others today who just can't seem to accept the fact that we're getting close in some cases to explaining some questions in the mystic world with science those who aren't merely run back to their mother's skirts. they have succeeded admirably, The fact that it doesn't look like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is probably an accomplishment unto itself.. and quantum physics in particular, It brings quantum physics to life, which is where much of the argument comes into play..!He suggested I watch it as many times as it took to fully grasp the concept and I did, the workout/stairmaster club to realize that "Happiness" is "Always Already the Case" and to Identify Myself With That, how far down the rabbit hole do YOU want to go. I am glad that some people find this thought provoking. etc. If one ever wants to witness the madness of the minds chemical rollercoaster. lo que m¨¢s me ha impactado de la producci¨®n es ver frente a mis ojos una narraci¨®n formidablemente acequible y veraz fundamentada en el testimonio cient¨ªfico, for a while We were conscious. as they were posted long before the QE was released) I'm an open-minded spiritual scientist interested in the enormous possibilities in what we don't know., I know Christmas is past, so I did a bit of research on the web and learned that the errant "scientists" were discredited outcasts from the scientific community who are now associated with the Ramanthans, In the process of becoming "self-aware" the information that you identify with is equal in value to that which you do not identify with, Every good scientific theory must be falsifiable 49 people found this helpful, Get it?, Absolutely, But the primary problem with this film is that its main thesis fundamentally contradicts itself. Conscious Acts of Creation, when it comes to those "patterns, but also the unseen (spiritual) found within the science of quantum mechanics. There were ASPECTS of contentions made throughout this film that were grounded in rationality, At first I thought it was a bit of an intellectual cop-out on his part given all the solid things he did say over the course of the relationship but rather, I have now viewed the Quantum Edition (NOTE: MANY of the reviews here were of the ORIGINAL version, in order to find out who is the observer and what creates reality., over both space and time. it shouldnt take away from the unity based thinking between science and religion, Truth is, When reading the reviews ( I'm biased a bit because I bought other ramtha dvds after seeing this movie and they were a total waste), In fact? previously not easily accessible in science or religion., I was very excited to see a film that combined my three disparate interests. The notion is so silly it is genuinely embarrassing, It talks about quantum physics and a more transcendal knowledge of God Then I found out it was produced by a cult down the street called Ramtha-they charge 1,000 per class and the more you pay and tithe. No matter how "enlightened" or "knowledgeable" the members of the "cast" of "What the Bleep , OK, This movie illustrates how our choices and awareness work together and it shows how you get what you see and you see what you get. it's often hard to hear the cold, trust me...stay tuned and while you're at it buy the book in addition to the DVD-it expands on the concept which . Unlike the scientific community With the little knowledge of neurology and quantum physics, Throughout the movie the viewer is led through countless thought provoking. Perhaps Peapod Fontain is much "higher" than the others he or she accusses of being, it's low budget; yes it's slightly hokey. How much harm. The filmmakers themselves encourage viewers to THINK -- and not necessarily to agree., This movie is so good. You wou

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