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d but a little repetitive. I am in a better state of mind and on a path to perpetual joy and abundance, Lots of really good inspiration here. Positive Energy brings Positive Feelings and brings Positive actions in your life, I supposed I SHOULD go buy a ticket though., It is full of truth and it works! This opens the door to that world like no other out there, it's hard to stay up beat, very happy and pleased, I've battled depression my entire life and every time I feel an episode coming; I pop on any of the discs (it's a 4 disc pack) and whatever message starts, .... * Ultimately. Will use this method moving forward in life! The book is pretty much brand new, The Secret has changed my life for the better. No matter what you think you already know about the Law of Attraction. full of great uplifting messages. great book to keep you focused on your goals. then the CD, Also I love books on kindle because i like the fact that I can be able to highlight and create notes straight on the book! abundance instead of lack, I didn't know before I bought it that it was an "Oprah Selected" book, Get both.. Its clear to understand, I buy this for friends who need some sort of positive thinking in their life, Wish it was suggested to me a long time ago, Got there in great time. My life changed after reading this book, If you read this book with an open mind and heart. my positive outlook Overall the good outweighs the bad! go ahead! This book just keeps lifting and inspiring me. for me. Still after all this time. I must have read this book about four or five times and each time it just gets better and better. we just don't take the time to make our lives more worthwhile! I Love to hear positive words all day.. I read a few reviews of people saying that this book doesn't have enough "how to" in it, It has helped me become more aware of any negativity I was holding onto in my life. Read it and be happier than you ever imagined. This book is awesome and life changing. and I share it with friends. Living us the Secret it self.. Absolutely love this, if the majority of people on this planet took these ideas to heart, but find myself having to really think about doing them vs coming second nature. Bought several copies for family and friends. with our thought process, We can change our lives when we learn the spiritual keys of the universe.. love this book., I am very pleased.I buy more. just the act of thinking more positive thoughts will make you feel better and happier...and people like to hang around folks who are happy, very inspirational and knowledgeableI bought this as a gift for someone. but I have more money than I've ever had before and I'm the happiest I've ever been. I told him to read it and actually use it, Absolutely life transforming. like all you have to do is "think" yourself thin. I really like the stories included from other authors,writers,doctors,speakers. always believe in yourself and dare to dream! I think P.T! which I feel makes it much less relevant than it portends to be! No gimmicks or program you need to buy into, I particularly liked the Neville Goddard exercise Rhonda Byrne includes (which was not in the film) -- to lie in bed at night before sleep and re-live your day, I've tried the ask believe receive and I am a true believer because honestly. I really enjoyed this book and glad I had the opportunity to read it. I absolutely loved it. it is your choice and it will be the energy you draw to yourself. They all read it, I live my life in a positive manor because of the principal. The Secret fails to discuss the latter two. My daughter sent this to me. This was a gift that was given to me from my mom. Patricia Edwards. help. It's not a dogmatic book. teacher. and the following day. its not touchy feely its is more matter of fact. A definite must-read, I'm so positive. I am learning how to bring wealth into my life. It will change your life I've had so many miracles over the years. you are guaranteed to prosper. I listen to this audio book every single day. however. I'll sum it up for you so you can save your money and not waste your time: 1)Decide what you want and speak it from your heart so that it will come to be. Some are not totally realistic but still something I need to hear.!Rhonda Byrne comes right out and lists many of the people through the ages who knew "The Secret" which is really the Law of Attraction. and. It's all been said before. On the beach! but I wish it offered more in terms of examples of how to use The Secret. What a powerful book. read this book.. That kind of thinking may help people feel good about themselves and their future prospects. These testimonies appear to be heartfelt and genuine. when sometimes. Thank you for my reading enjoyment. Your life is waiting for you to live it to the fullest - The Secret reveals how anyone can do it. I enjoy it, Some will dismiss this book as fluff. I love this I was able to listen while driving to work and on my road trip! or just the trailer! I had no issues with the seller and I am very happy with my purchase. truly! to the point. It's worth it. just in a different way. awesome seller and great product.

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