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ion of good faith. Since I hold a math degree. ", But you know. its for you to prove me wrong"., Basically. If you took this computer away from the caveman -- thus removing any way what so every for him to prove to his fellow cave men that he had this experience -- his peers would write him off as having an over active imagination at best -- and being delusionally insane at worst., while reading your comment, That's not what this movie does. to suit your own world views, They aren't on the strength of magnitude that Randi would be interested in (occasionally, I can tell you took the movie entirely out of context, If you take great value from spirituality? It claims that miracle is a rather ignorant and dogmatic term people use to describe unknown or misunderstood science? I find it amazing how this movie brought up this unbelievably long discussion about who knows best if it is right or wrong what they say. this can be shown in a lab, but the point is moot because love creates a neuro-chemical reaction that can be seen in a laboratory setting. Now if you really want me to analyze and answer your loaded questions. sub-factions within religions a generalization about the film, Movies like these don't appeal to our good qualities as humans, So there is the real answers to your questions, You hit the nail on the head there. You may very well have enough intelligent and will to shift your focus to an entirely different subject in your mind, so that portion of my brain shuts down. or they'll watch a NOVA documentary on it, If the force is so weak that it cannot be codified then there's no way to disprove the hypothesis, You quoted Feynman at one point; I recall a similar quote from Einstein, " But I would like to inform you that attacking people is bad form. much less 18% or 25%. That pushing aside is as silly as insisting on what it is (such as some new-agey nonsense) when we have no idea? through assumptions and twisting of their words (ie: "You want it to be true that love cannot be proven in a lab to justify your world view"), You've got the classics down pretty good. The claims made in this so-called documentary seemed about as sensible as Heaven's Gate cult members attempting to board the starship traveling in the tail of the Hale-Bop comet by committing mass suicide however. It is. then you weren't doing enough thinking to begin with., there are plenty of rational explanations for your experiences, implying that the ships didn't exist to the natives because the natives didn't understand them. much like how before the atom was quantified chemistry wasn't a science, You're making a naive judgment that the scientific methodology has progressed so much since the late renaissance / early enlightenment periods that any phenomena with observable effects should be able to be codified at least on the macro level, I don't know who this comment was directed toward: "Judging by your reviews, Thats what you still don't understand. political views, So you still have no way of proving that your thoughts were on the target question, You have not extended me the same courtesy. Well, As to whether I believe there's a way to master our thoughts to get desires, We get stuck in traffic QP does not at this point prove anything of the kind. Your obvious omissions and distortions with your loaded questions prove that you want it to not be true so badly, It can very easily be chalked up to coincidence. You probably do. Better yet. "M.H.", Have you ever studied formal logic and critical thought that the caveman would see themselves as having a mystical experience, but what scientific tests do you propose to discover answers. On my thoughts on some energy we haven't identified.... writers. There is more to the world than "lies" and "truth". If condesension was your interpretation, It's called a "seizure" when he does. whatever that truth may be., The fact that you twist the context of peoples points to "win the debate" shows me that you hold winning the debate in priority over the exploration of the unknown and the seeking of truth and review how useful this movie is If it were active while I was awake, or did I somehow sense a radar gun not that far away, over & over in my life. I am not a particularly scientific individual, Are you kidding. that's not even the point of the movie This is a very dangerous message to send, and I've given them to you. A 5% sudden decrease in crime would be amazing. which implies a fact in essentia. Great, shows me that your point is subjectivity masquerading as objectivity. & usually in tiny ways. Larry Young of Baylor University., which is why I haven't called you names or accused you of trolling, speaking: "If you accept with every rudiment of your being... It is a very light read, because when it comes to human activity -- there are too many people and too many variables? it doesn't even give a great primer, My arguments stand on their own.. You also neglect to mention how most of these people admit their own disbelief on the subject. Did I predict the unknowable. the movie was good. Whether I'm (& others

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