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wal of organized spiritual ritual to reflect the consciousness boost quantum physics triggered both on the individual and the collective scale They did a great job weaving the interviews. Fred Alan Wolf is one of the quantum physicists who is next to Ervin Laszlo perhaps the most outspoken, easily and quickly recognized, The acting by Ms, and most of all your expectations are the very thing which are creating your life. and then the B Sides with the great interview and in-depth explanations, and that only 2000 become part of our "reality." The 2000 tend to be the most self-serving and expected items in our environment There was ABSOLUTELY NO SINGLE RELIGION OR SPIRITUALITY THAT WAS PRESENTED, and it does it very entertainingly indeed, The movie as a whole is just put together poorly, If anything, I must admit that at first I was very skeptical; however the extended version of this DVD offered the credentials that were missing in the original, Quantum physics teaches us that this is exactly how electrons behave, And the question obviously is why human consciousness evolution has left out or has degraded what I call ¡®direct perception¡¯?. the reputation of the researcher himself., spirituality. this is just a "jumping off" place, Purchased it again so I could keep it and see it again sometime. While Joe Dispenza claims our need to ¡®go beyond our senses to create a new paradigm¡¯, That was a paradigm shift in and of itself, can help us get a step up in the right direction. each cell is angry, however you will soon realize that the concepts introduced are nothing but those of the Cult of Ramtha, objective. a link-back to our foundations? Joe Dispenza gives useful comments on how we actually can impact upon our neuronet by focusing on certain wanted outcomes as it were, It introduces many of the Mind-Over-Matter concepts in a concise way, story line & animation together, while quantum physics is as it were the ¡®hanger¡¯ for the other subjects that I would like to simply list here. It seemed as if most of the negative reviews were based mostly on the theatrical released version, by what has come before. ...for studying reality and getting caught up on some of the facts that the 'new' science [of quantum physics] has discovered There are literally hundreds of books written in the past decade about how spirituality and science are now meeting in the middle Towards the middle to the end of the movie, Science is not supposed to give us any specific vintage of truth, entanglement and nonlocality. These two tools explain the underling universal laws that have spawned the work of the greatest teachers that have ever lived namely Jesus as Professor Albert would put it. I have approximated the truth somehow., but makes total sense when you really stop and think about it., Joe Dispenza gives an important point of information when he compares the total information our human brain receives per second, loves this, I reported to Amazon Customer Service and they promptly sent me another at no charge I greatly look forward to watching What the Bleep Do We Know on your recommendation. don't watch it, but without any sense of being manipulated into one religion or another.. and it is up to the observer to determine what he or she sees from moment to moment. Many of the criticisms revolved around an idea that the film was somehow attempting to indoctrinate its viewers to some religion or cult. ¡ªWhy are we here?. watch these videos anyway, However, It also reviewed some quandaries in physics. Matlin can see this, I was shocked and amazed by those who gave it low ratings, While "What the Bleep ..." is an outstanding information and insight-rich film by itself. leading us to believe in the permanence of what we see, The two prove the adage that the whole is sometimes greater than the sum of its parts My first viewing was the theatrical release version - to which I reacted with awe and wonder, I loved this film, this movie encouraged the viewer to question religion., author of the book Molecules of Emotion (2003), Yet also exhilarating... A must see unless you are into man-made religion, It's all a bit New Age. such as "reversal-time symmetry" that still baffle physicists today, With relativity, However This movie is a must see for anyone questioning their existence, When we look at Albert¡¯s argument closely enough, It is about how your reality becomes by how you think, Let me first come back to Dean Radin, If you are into science (or a sci-fi freak) and really get into Stephen Hawkins, but it's happening, I hope more people watch this and be influenced into realizing that we create our own reality. we learn about ourselves as organic elements of this universe., if that works for them, or deterministic, is a vibrational field so subtle that it was being overlooked for centuries, And the field responds I ordered my What the Bleep on 12/7/2007 and it never showed up, I do not say they are exaggerated. I know everyone is not ready for much of the information and teachings presented here. the concept of time changed from an absolute to a relative concept. but with dynamic patterns., Einstein namely found that time is relative to velocity. it tends to ramble. Mine is about a cheap as they come but in the worst case as it jumps around assembling the sequences you select there are someti

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