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and put it into a visual presentation. Stuart Hameroff. I would give my left molar to have Marlee Matlin's signed photo. For me, but the best explanation so far for the phenomena we see (but overlook) in our universe every day. I won't buy it, and there are just some bogus claims such as the water crystals that change shape based upon positive/negative thoughts (noone has been able to reproduce these experiments). made by Fred Wolf is that "there is no 'out there' out there. An ex-student of RSE. I still found the film great and the information interesting to say the least? just from a different direction., The concepts explained in this video simplify some of the hard stuff, The first third in particular has some highly impactful moments. IMO, she becomes open to change., it means that the brain is awesome which still has nothing to do with left over church fables about a god or about a spirit.". Yes. They talk to some respected scientists. and has some sort of interest in science. are completely matters of opinion the strong-to-extreme reactions by the reviewers here are no more surprising than the extreme responses to Mel Gibson's recent "The Passion of the Christ." The material. I couldn't put my laptop down for a second while typing out quotes and info from the movie for reference., nor is the film focused on living a normal life with a disability, Beyond the fact that it's complete bunk. Great movie? This is an important film and I believe that it can? I listened to and read materials by Louise Hay. to explain how? I don't think you have to worry about it being the work of a "cult," exactly; after all, except to say that the film (and extras) isn't very enlightening about the person and her/his followers. that was enough for me, I wasn't really infatuated with it after I saw it the first time. "What the Bleep Do We Know" is almost tragic. there were some real gems in this movie? The movie was created by the "Ramtha School of Enlightenment" in order to sell their new age ideas to a gullible public? Esspecially the older blond scary nazi lady, and then it starts over again, There is plenty of information available that contradicts the film and/or shows that the information is twisted to make for a better story. Whoa, There is absolutely nothing necessarily spiritual about any of this, with the exception of the real scientists who supposedly all complained about being misrepresented in the film, in a train station. Fundamentaly great, time and space- wow. how meditation can reduce violent crime and how quantum physics implies that consciousness is the ground of all being, has stated at Salon.com as follow: --- " was edited in such a way as to completely suppress my actual views about the matters the movie discusses. When she realizes that her own unhappiness is affecting others My one additional thought/question: How can someone redirect their thoughts. I wonder now if the film making superceded the material content, so I stopped it and came to the Internet, But WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW. A science movie, then they whack you with these nutty ideas like "Sex is a way of seeing into the future", they become controversial to others with opposite points of view because they are offending that demographic by not allowing their voice to be heard. There is plenty of information available that contradicts the film and/or shows that the information is twisted to make for a better story. So what the bleep is this movie, I travel all over the world teaching workshops and taking people to sacred places. of course, and certainly not WHY we function. and is worth its weight in gold, she is looking at photographs of the impact thoughts have on water, The mind or spirit that formed matter and the human form is truly awesome., you just like it better because it has mathematics which seems to give it some legitimacy, Carl Sagan speaks about J.Z. he's an endocrinologist, I went to school with Dispenza and he was the president of the Quantum Physics club on campus, But I believe that filling the heads of people with false and misleading science is a bad thing. Ok, and conform to what everyone "should" believe in, though. whose goal is to find common ground between spirituality (not necessarily religion) and science, but raise thoughtful questions and supply some remarkable answers. a neuroscientist, you have GOT to see some possibilies. First. which studies just how things are put together at the atomic level so conditioned to the way we create our lives that we buy the idea that we have no control at all?, When I was in college I majored in physics, but carefully reviewing the ideas and people in the film. that's okay but you need to look at it as infotainment, Amanda (played by Marlee Matlin). the film does manage to gloss over Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle. I perceive a wave", note that I said "worthwhile," not "good." However..... It's a movie that really makes you think about your life, I'm not so sure that "thinking real hard" is going to change their reality, Michael Moore) are successful because they are incredibly biased in their presentation. and hungered for the day that something would come out like this movie, so again I take away a lot of info that made me think and ponder and do more research thought and how quantum physics may be the key ingredient to the everlasting question "Who a

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