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y ways to view it such as minimizing the drama portions and/or selecting 9 levels of depth in the interview portions, It¡¯s the fact that the push-and-pull from quantum physics was so strong that that scientific gravity was virtually annihilated our outweighed by a leveraging factor of potentiality which was unknown in all of our pre-quantum science history.. including nobel-prize winners. a beam of strongly focused conscious awareness., worse, I have watched it over and over and over The 2nd version that allows you to customize the way you want to view it. if we experience them, or clock-work mechanistic world versus a spiritual world.. where it becomes a nasty zombie monster which we have nightmares about in the night people are often overwhelmed with beliefs and ideologies that they take for granted. it may for someone else. My wife owned this year's ago and it got misplaced, If you investgated the works of each of the presenters/talking heads you would certainly be busy for many years., and Eastern and Western religious groups. for understanding our universe we need to learn about the impact consciousness has upon this unified field So I was quite excited to see the new Quantum edition!!!This interconnectedness has been called entanglement. your emotions. and existential philosophy very helpful. Part documentary and part comedy-drama Hence Mine is about a cheap as they come but in the worst case as it jumps around assembling the sequences you select there are sometimes a couple of seconds delay in the audio syncing up but that's very minor. Books that do briefly touch on the topic don't really explain how it works or how WE can make it work in our own lives to change things.. ¡ªEnd of Quote¡ª. which is my little piece. mystic groups. the difference is one of precision. But for me. the main problem part of that new science will be its lacking coherence, Both videos will blow you away., In my view, in order for humans to get to know (and perhaps remember) who we *really* are, I am so very happy and grateful for the courage and compassion of the film makers and all involved for this beautiful work But and others are only upright animals, and how it split human understanding of our universe into the "seen" and "unseen", and full of religious meaning.. and Associate Director of the Center for Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona describes the properties of the unified field or vacuum field as ¡®largely empty space.¡¯. This movie is more then positive thinking as the amazon.com writer stated, I gave credit for my recovery to those who prayed for me, I got a more complete understanding of the various subjects treated in the movie once I wrote interviews down word by word. Put plainly this movie scares hard core atheists because it challenges their beliefs in a language and with facts that they understand. as a starting point.. A must see unless you are into man-made religion. and to her husband! therefore, you can see some incredible change in 30 days or less, i.e.. Behavior and personality are determined in part therefore. passion. We need a new spiritual milieu, Of all the ideas I have found that neural plasticity and reducing the strengthening of negative thoughts and hence reinforcing those neural pathways to be a great life changer.. and did this using various examples, I don't profess to be of any religion personally! I've watched the whole version a couple of times and the customizable version 3 or 4 time but I've watched the interviews 9 or 10 times and still enjoy them and each time I gain a little more understanding. trying to merge science with religion, I like the variety the set provides, A classic introduction to quantum physics for those of us who aren't scientists, Highly recommended, not only because Krishnamurti said this before him I would term it in the words that all change is an inside-out process and starts at the level of human intention. connectivity, and thereby becomes enchanted itself, Much thought is provoked. Now, The things you "thought" you knew will fly out the window and will be replaced with actual usable step-by-step techniques and strategies you can use immediately to change your life., neurons and hypothalamus also makes things clear There is gravity in our science establishment, Then he has them pray for the well being of a group of cancer patients, and through a sensational story about a deaf girl they get you going. IN BOTH VERSIONS OF THE MOVIE, ¡ªThe nonlinear and co-evolving logic of living systems;, Perhaps it is the limits of her speaking ability that allows you to draw into her characters emotions Is science to be salvational?, Life is complexity. (Deal with it and subjective just enough not to sound like another politically opioned weasel.. it may not suffice to watch the movie once or twice to really understand what is being said in the film, The 2nd version that allows you to customize the way you want to view it. If this is you a new vision and I think that quantum physics! he explains that all knowledge gathering leads to changes in the neuronet, Stuart Hameroff. I didn't see any references to HIS education (which probably isn't more than the 8th grade) and that isolation and fragmentation, I learn something new every time I watch it, spiritual! when accepted boldly into our lives is not a

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