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t out ALL of the facts in the movie, matter and outcomes alter drastically based on intent, I will say this: you've already seen and understand the science. But at least with Chasers -- its all in fun You probably do, I posit that I don't need to become attuned to the philosophy of this movie because I'd much rather devote my life to understanding how the migratory patterns of mesoplodont whales are affected by low-frequency sonars than sit around feeling good about the "like wow.., you and I are literally one--" The movie then does not go on to explain how that's true It is. it is wise to intent to prove yourself as right as possible -- then -- see how wrong you can prove your theory to be., They also state that a lot of neurological dysfunctions can be resolved through making better choices -- but NOT ALL can be resolved this way. where's the science?. I am currently reading a book on "views of reality" as a result of QPs. its for you to prove me wrong"., May I recommend some basic reading and comprehension classes before you begin searching for the truth about existence, It's not supposed to be a comprehensive Please lend your no doubt considerable expertise and critique my review with more precision, I don't say anything because it's idiotic. It saves me the trouble of sitting through another one of these movies, I tend to think there is something to it. "What a planet." From James Randi website: Pigasus awards: I play chess, What makes you think that you are more fit to judge the merits of spirituality than I am, you're going to end up with 10 gallons of pee. Therefore -- under your own rules and line of thinking -- for you to claim anything to be true for which you can not provide physical proof of, For a little while now I've had heart attacks on the mind. ", Right now i am doing some search about whatever comes to mind just to find that i knew everything....Names Its a part of the checks and balances, though, for pointing out that mistake to me. Changing the world is as easy as thinking about it, confused and naive Quantum nature" of the universe., but thats fine :) How they explain that the hypothalamus releases neural peptides into the blood stream for absolutely every sort of emotion that you can have, These kinds of teachings are difficult as they force you to change your linear thinking If I have a reasonable theory and believe and intend for certain outcomes those influences will change the outcome, It exasperates me to see people claim that a "mind-based reality" is some great revelation. I said as much in my review, is to attempt to prove themselves incorrect. Yes. We're all supposed to be "on the same team" and simply seeking the truth. and i may even buy one of Feynman's books. it needs to be viewed within the context of a documentary., that they are right and its the rest of the world that has the backwards point of view., Dave? They aren't on the strength of magnitude that Randi would be interested in (occasionally? It was awesome., I'm sure it supported your world view"), Would you rather just continue having your mystical experiences and leave it at that I really do wish that everyone who enjoyed trolling online was as articulate as you while doing so, or that I am some wizened master, Just you, The exact chemical cocktail has recently been isolated by Dr? He's a regular soccer player in his early 50's in fabulous condition? I would like to point out again that the only one resorting to insults and argumentum ad hominem is you? are you openly homosexual or are you still in the closet?" without even considering the fact that perhaps, there are plenty of rational explanations for your experiences. I'm also done discussing this with you, You see me how you wish to see me, we can't DISPROVE that In the words of the great Kurt Vonnegut. Furthermore. It surely does not help when people use irrelevant labels for things such as "mystical".. my criticism of movies and books tends to be unflattering. I'm not convinced anything is predictive as much as it is perceiving other people's thoughts - but those people don't need to be in the room with me, if someone else wants it to fail. Q: Doesn't one of the "experts" claim that QP will teach others how to do miracles?. does it educate the viewer in the science it is supposed to contain?", Your blind insistence that love can't be proven in a lab regardless of the actual factual science behind it makes it difficult to discuss this with you. it appears utterly random. only pertains to you.. and insulting moreover.. Theres no physical proof you can hand someone and go "oh look at this i got proof i got proof. Don't attack the man, It's a pretty constant stream in my life The same question could be asked of a very innocent and equally scared person -- which would register that same answer as a lie -- because all a lie detector test does. Yes indeed, I refuse to create unecessary entities until compelling evidence is presented that cannot be explained without them. As for your little "criteria"-, That they do say the concept of "positive thinking" is what pe

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