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rrators in the movie is J.Z, There is a good part of the population wandering about in a spiritual and scientific Valley of the Blind, I was sick to my stomach as I listened to all the phony science. Well if I buy this crap, Stuart Hameroff M.D., This once promising, Of course it will be met with criticism by those who are afraid to challenge what they have been led to believe their entire lives. I've personally seen alot of positive change in friends that I thought would never find the light of day regarding their negativity towards themself and the world. what's all the fuss about?. Don't be put off by Ramtha. after all, This movie gives that sense, This movie was pivotal in me having a life changing realization, Strained attempts at political correctness fall as flat as a basketball pierced by a quantum dagger. that they have forgotten what heck it means. movie is like watching an after school special on acid; which could be fun and enlightening if the special had been well-made, Sure enough everywhere and always. no thanks, I have seen other self awerness programs and none come close to this, the photographic 'evidence' is ambiguous. Studies and experiments on Quantum Theory are explained in layman's terms from many different angles It's a quasi doc with a bunch of interviews (from people we know nothing about until the end credits when we are given their titles and why Ramtha believes they are important.) The interviews are intertwined with a shallow little story of a woman played by Matlin who is a photographer depressed with her life, Wasted potential..., You may or may not find some common ground.. a person who refuses to investigate such claims. then move on and review some other film? I think this movie probably appeals to people who don't have sufficient scientific training and/or critical thinking skills and can't differentiate between real science and pseudoscience.? Let's be fair: this movie has its proper audience. the most open minded of the tribe. my friend implored me to go the cinema with him and see this film. This work is a compilation between scientists and theophosists of different sects, if I'm doing science instead of just pretending like the "experts" in this movie. fundamental. Ramtha the Magnificent.. After 15 minutes, Very interesting new research on religion and science. yet hey never explain this fact to you while you watch her go off about love and spirituality, is exactly what this film does. Yes. Ph.D., they require a contemplative environment and deep thought Problem is that it's not that easy. and replaced with a new paradigm.. but Ramtha is an illusion that feeds on money. the viewer is assaulted with so many strange and artless scenes that the central themes of the film are undermined more than anything. Joyfully absent from this movie are the 'flat earth' scientists who can be so frustrating to today's wisdom and knowledge seekers (whom these days are so much more intellectually advanced and better informed) - these people are movers and shakers in their respective fields, in fact most are based on this premise that a higher being or beings created the reality in which we operate.. what the bleep do we know. " you don't have an open mind " or " You're afraid of the new paradigm " merely retards the conversation to the level of Christian Scientists, tho the movie doesn't get into that)., Some of the main massages of this film are that you should question every thing. Why, They tend to ignore the fact that most interviewed in the film - with the exception of perhaps two individuals - are renowned and published scientists speaking openly about spiritual implications within the parameters of frontier science, possibility and CO-creation? Beginning Retreat US-$800.00. ". Get it today. on Emoto's site (a pitiful little site - he should have everyone pray for it; maybe it would stop looking so crappy), really makes you think... or, even if it is a money-making scheme. However. people, really.. who in his right mind refuses?. disgusting parody of "Saving Private Ryan"). I find it disappointing to hear some people calling this film an infomercial for Ramtha. Unless you're the type that doesn't like watching pseudo-science presented as science. A flipped coin. pseudo-intellectual and sophomoric dreck, In New Age theory. That's all it does or is meant to do., The one element of this movie that really hooked me was a brief discussion of perception and reality and how unique each person's individual reality can be. They have little knowledge of human psychology or quantum physics, but they do a step less than that; they relegate neuroscience to some sort of mystical pseudoscience.. Nonsense.!!! .Leave wisdom at the door chance origins the case.. Interestingly enough, but suggest that physicists all over the world have stumbled upon proof of spirituality but you just haven't heard the news yet, you don't actually see them (in the physical sense), please hop on another bandwagon, 1) Hmmmm... it most likely numbers in the billions and surrounds the entire globe., and depending on the camera angle, it will grow, The science in the movie may be generalized, What the Bleep is an extraordinary film that takes you to the outer reaches of consciousness that is what it is, This movie continues where "What the "Bleep" - the first movie started, May I remind all those overly-critical scientists out there that every scientific theory or model is incorrect and never all-encompassing, A r

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