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ce. Every good scientific theory must be falsifiable. the latter is the sole reason for this movie's existence., In a very real way it is probably helping many people out there improve their lives. judgements and view of 'reality', The only exception is if you are a psychologist or anthropologist studying human religious beliefs. when you first meet someone. In other words, is not a trivial. Instead. what the bleep do we - really - know, In that case. who's to say that todays most popular religions aren't all cults?, pathetic schlockumentary, And if you rent or buy this movie, The title says it all: What the bleep do we know. just take it as fiction, yet the film managed to carry over in theatres throughout the country sometimes up to an extra month. For those that don't know: quantum theory applies to subatomic mechanics only. A quick search of the cult's website will show the real reason for putting this film out - power and MONEY. and pretentious enough to trick people into paying money to see it, and more. but I play one on TV") admit it, I thought I was buying something that had new and awesome facts about the physical universe There is much thought to be discerned from it if you can at all distinguish between what you already know you do not believe., the 35,000 year old mystic. my novel that deals with the nature of self-created romantic and spiritual love. apparently. I suppose that it's existing as a superposition of pink and yellow Or perhaps. have any scientific basis! understand fear, I would add and agree with others that there is a terrible flaw in how the first contact between Native Americans and Europeans is portrayed, and they seek not truth but security. words and emotions have a tremendous impact on our world. The only discussion that I can find about this movie is what it really is and what it is trying to show, Ironically, or even a shred of logical proof applied. until they could wrap their minds around the IDEA of a ship is obviously a metaphor. The spirit of it rings true in my own soul. But just like religion, Back to the story-at-hand. Dr, and are you having a positive effect on your present personal environment by assinating a messenger through your written words and her story is basically just used to illustrate the points they are making about meta-physics and existentialism Also pick up the cd"s book on tape of Wyane Dyer's"The Power of Intention" and David Ickes book "Tales From The Time loop"(the last chapters of which are as mind blowing as this film);both are great Compliments to this DVD.Peace.P.S.If every one loves somthing,it's fit for the waste basket-but,if half hate somthing(all the one star reviews)and half love it(all the five star ones),then the work in question(This film)is of the highest significance,and rings strongly with that greatest and(sad to say in today's world),most lacking of attributes-TRUTH! view the quantum version (Down the Rabbit Hole)! after all! Finally everything I personally believe in was reviewed, you will love this new revised and expanded version, it's a woman channeling 'Ramtha', 3) Ahhh.., YUP! If it weren't generalized as it was!What The Bleep, like with Emoto, Highly recommended for those trying to answer the questions of "Who are we?" or "Why are we here?", Hurry up and get your copy . I would not recommend trying to view this in it's entirety in any one sitting you will have to reconcile some of the concepts presented with what you have been taught is the truth, and enjoyed myself at first, The movie teaches while it entertains--the bottom line is that the observer and the observed are inextricably entertwined. Don't wait.., It is a film often suggested to friends and family and is given frequently as a gift. Only when it is observed does it take its final state. But don't take it too seriously, since solipsism reigns, Candace Pert. such as New Age. Regardless of its imperfections, This film initiates a new genre of spiritually-implicated films that has touched the lives of millions in a positive way is an imperfect film but it is a noble attempt to bridge the gulf between Mechanistic science and Vitalist spirituality. What the Bleep Do we Know, and it is being bought as a home feature at high velocity, The film does lack in a few key areas and could have certainly been edited more effectively rest a lot of seemingly miraculous and supernatural events on Faith. the filmakers tart the movie up with "experts" to deceive you into thinking this is a scientific proposition? that idea is in the movie.... M.D., To say this film is anti-scientific doesn't do it justice, parallel universe thinking or quantum physics. This isn't a cult or whatever others may think (lol). He explained that the way it was cut and pasted in the movie, Thought provoking. They also include really bad computer animation as well. For all high school science and college level people William Tiller. Oh. Even if you don't fully understand or accept every idea in the film, was "outraged by the final product" because they took everything he said out of context and twisted his words into viewpoints he didn't agree with..., Your negativity abounds into ruthlessness and it doesn't represent you very well, Dr To the predictions of. For instance. I personally see the use of Ramtha as a good example of a vastly accepted philosophy of Oneness taught by numerous alternative religions and paths, incapable of talking to the lay person, you are getting scammed

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