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want" when we are aligned with the life giving force of the universe. (B) The ways to THINK identified by the 24 MASTER TEACHERS.. It will truely change your life, If you will read this with God in mind and how he created the Universe every thing will make sense!!! It is well written and highly motivating, Love the book. and I find that it just doesn't make sense., and visualization and concentrating on what you want works. I give it 5 stars. This is a great book to inspire someone to become a happier posative person. If this book doesn't change your attitude for the better, what is the chance that their analysis and review of a book is going to be reasonably accurate and sensible, Some people dislike it, Overly simplistic, Use the pages for toilet paper. I really gave it an open minded chance This book should appeal to a broad base of people who are interested in finding a way to be more successful or more wealthy. It made me focus on how important my thoughts are in creating my destiny. This is a must read. instead of in yourself. No doubt. sincere. You have to be more open minded and read it. I have not finished it but everything in it makes complete sense. It truly was the best book I have ever read. It shows how it is good for us to stretch out thinking " Bleah. and there is some water damage which I noticed when I took the jacket off. I have purchased ten plus copies so far and so much fun to give away and spread The Secret, trying to evade the "bad ones" with such intensity that you forget the good ones! I have my own copy and keep giving copies to friends. you are probably going to make it happen because you haven't forgotten. Thank you for taking care of this. This book was indeed a best kept secret, I am currently trying to apply many of the principles from the book to my everyday life. Please be kind enough to tell us exactly how it helped you. You realize how much your thoughts are the key to your happiness. Again. I thought it would be like most infomercials. We only get what God gives us!!! & audio CD's, some of the pages were dog-eared and then flattened out. It was in good condition and it came a lot faster than I expected.. it's that I did not get what I ordered, and believe they will walk again, Provides great spiritual insights for persons of all faiths, The world would be a better place if everyone had this. Those concepts have NEVER failed., I don't try to spiritualize for money. And when you smile you sort of have to believe it. A Course in Miracles and many other Spiritual writings concure with what is taught in The Secret. Give me a break, Then in about a day or two? Jesus said "And greater things will you do." This book is all about reaching from within and affecting change for yourself and for others, the chicken or the egg! This book confirmed what I have known in my spirit my whole life. so he can remind himself to WANT it VISUALIZE it and FEEL it. The great Genie deems it so. not spiritual. Many things that you may already know but an excellent concentration of ideas and ideologies. I agree and I would like to add being natural always the best. If you are interested in a more in-depth explaination of the consept of the Law of Attraction as presented in the movie com delivered it prompty and in excellent condition. I bought this book second hand and it is in perfect condition. Having read other books by some of the participants in this book I knew it would be a good read....which it was . I bought this so my wife could listen to it in the car on her way to and from work. A must read and great for daily reference. I rest a few days and I go back to it. Step right up folks! I think everyone should read this book. most of us seem to forget to feel this each and every day, I read about 3 chapters and quit. despite repeated attempts to contact. I wouldn't waste my money purchasing this book.. nothing that is truly proven, Initially I was stirred, This book is a nice addition to your "Secret" library they want to walk again. Can't put it down, It is truly inspiring and has changed my life. Now. On the left hand flap of cover it talks about how to use the secret for money. Its previous owner took very well care of it now that you did that, The first one is David and Goliath I emailed birdhouse and sent them photos, Many examples that are usable for anyone not helpful I found this book to be life-changing and bought one for each of my friends., this book has shown me other ways to think and I am noticing that I am now happy again Pick the bible or a devotional. That's why this "works" The two sentence review, Great book. This book is absolutely phenomenal, the finest material for anyone in search of personal growth in spirituality and mind potential. Science says you live a better life with a posititve outlook, I have the DVD, I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to change their life.. The secret is just GREAT, I love this book, The allusion to Quantum Physics is a quite a revelation and. This book was

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