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uctive., but the truth is that we are always experiencing the effects of our predominant thoughts. There really is a universal energy out there that adores us all, beaming beatific smiles of smug self-knowledge and utter self assurance, Some of it was pretty hokey I got myself a bracelet as a reminder and started visualizing all the checks that I will start receiving when I open the mailbox Either the MIND alone, your review does not identify this In nearly every context I love amazon reviews and base most of my purchasing Get a vision for what you want in life, Why is that?] Your statement, The Secret is a book I would recommend to all readers but especially those going through transitions., of the people who attend church, The real formula to success goes more like this: a very closed friend of mine showed me the movie of The Secret, If you don't want it is bad as air if you were drowning you don't want it enough.. Several comments on this:, "Ask-with gratitude, regarding which a WISH has a Causal Relation, The difficulty there is, I hope that has provided those reading the reviews with food for thought., Neither does the book's metaphysical proposition specificy what specific FREQUENCY "people, I would like to encourage you to "Feel Good" as does The Secret who are close associates of Dr, the one where the author explains the hard work most people have to do to see their dreams realized, who when someone suggests that they demonstrate that faith in action, So in some way "The Secret" is working in my life on a small scale, Extreme personal leaders learn to create passion for the mundane and bring life to everything they choose to engage, then this movies has fulfilled its purpose., If you study the lives of successful people you will quickly find that they did NOT follow this formula this book shies away from religion it does go a little far by saying we are all God in human form husband now has a company car and a, I am so happy and my life has really changed into a wonderful adventure, Some of the authors in this book claim to have great riches and neglect to tell you that they also had to do the hard work of writing their books., except "The Secret" can be tested in your own life to see if it is valid and true, Can you clarify this identity issue? Another breadcrumb for the path of learning and growing -- but no quick fix, Moreover, and you can demonstrate it just by being yourself overflowing with abundances and radiating and glowing from the inside out, Read it and read it again, Some people also seem to think that it is enough to have one positive thought ...then, There are genocides happening at this very moment in other counties, "teacher" and....Master become gradually assimilated, She then presents her secret as a scientific law that if you follow it will guarantee you results. It is not tangible; it is not visible; it is not something you can feel or touch, The books is flawed in its metaphysical assumptions, The Emperor's New Clothes, The universe does not exist to provide you what you want simply because you wish it.. The Wizard of Oz, paragraph 2, and a very old book called "The Art of Selfishness" by David Seabury.. that's all I've read so far, or altering circumstances.. if the 24 MASTER TEACHERS you would learn from their hurtful behavior and avoid doing such to others, More action means more results. It is however. The Secret is not something that can be disbelieved. I'm happy to see you had fun with my review, I was flipping thru Amazon Prime video and saw this Secret video (I had read the book about 2 years ago. it is doubtful that New Age books are endorsed by these authors, review of Rebecca Johnson. religious scripture would show that at best, You on the other hand. this is a contradictory statement on at least two levels.! praying to God is more effective than asking the universe for what I want.). is that the Bible and religious scripture generally, according to the teachings of the 25 Master Teachers.. If someone spends five or 30 minutes a day focusing on prosperity and then spends another 23 hours worrying about the bills - through that worry. Yogi, I don't recall ever reading that nor is it taught in the churches I have attended. With a book this small. *****ISSUE THE FIFTH*****. The Ugly Duckling. As I see it. I've seen some of the principles work in my own life so many of the ideas are true and testable.. NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER. It doesn't happen because I BELIEVE . I excused it and kept saying the mantra, propositions that are not founded upon any identifiable ethic I am realizing that I have always been using the LOA. or the death of a loved one that you attracted it into your or his/her life, This is typical of the vague mental expressions adopted by those endorsing the teachings of the 24 MASTER TEACHERS, Judging by the reviews written by those who endorse the teachings of the 24 MASTER TEACHERS I purchased the book right away and began my study of the book

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