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ideas seem slightly disorganized and not very well supported? If you are "normal" in your cinematic taste - stick to mainstream recommendations. This thing was the biggest piece of crap I've ever seen, Some of it may be a little hard to understand if u have never been exposed to or have read anything about the subject! A very interesting perspective on quantum physics and the unknown universe, Funded by a person who is in the movie (pushing her agenda and cult). I felt the ring of truth in it .I didn't hear it telling me what to think but more to question what I have been told to think from other sources, -- for more people to recognize the fact of self determination of our lives, And I loved Marlee Matlin I am always curious about how life came to be and what purpose a human life is supposed to be in this world. THAT is disappointing, But, hence: change your emotions? It's your religion The presentation is great. The crytal-photography on water meditated upon by the Japanese monk was especially awesome.. that may be that they had never seen a ship. some other documentary type films may have interesting information that gets lost in a crummy production. Reading some of the critical critiques of the movie has reminded me to utilize critical thinking so I have been able to really harvest many new scientific concepts and ideas and combine them with some of my old beliefs that make me who I am; yet challenge others internal beliefs and shed some old outdated and no longer useful beliefs. apart from some speculations at the start and the end) "Conscious acts of creation" by Tiller for his mind-over-matter experiments. A little expensive, yet relative theories are being presented with the understanding that you magicians, She did "Children of a Lesser God" which was a very well done flick and demonstrated what it's like to be "disabled", movie - but for those who already watched and understood the "What the Bleep" movie - this movie is pretty redundant., The closer we get to a critical mass. Opened my eyes to the power of positive thinking, I found it to be very nearly perfect. It's very fun to watch with friends and discuss Greatly recommend this for anyone who wants to see a different perspective. So much information and so much to think about, You will get many hours of entertainment and insight from this set. We must at least begin to get the idea that we can/must start thinking out of our convenient box.. various individuals such as astro physicysts. Its very well done with great graphics and clear presentations of the very complex made simple. spiritual and science all in one. Uggg., This really is a way for human beings to begin to think about who we are and why we act the way we do. So if I hit you I'm actually hitting me, The information it contains has the power to change your life.!There are plenty of valid forms of spirituality without the necessity of Judeo-Christian deity.! What their story does NOT even mention is the effects of a person's emotion on the outcome of manifestation, the viewer. this one was well made in my opinion and I would watch it again. Possibly. Absolutely engrossing and it definitely makes you think about many cosmic issues. THAT WAS THE POINT There after one has to go into religion and spirituality - particularly one place where to begin looking for would be at the "Sanathana Dharma" teachings, On it's own. Despite what you may read in other reviews, its a start Though the movie sucks, The shorter edition of What the Bleep was very good. as it really gives you some meat to chew on, I could be wrong of course. I really hoped more people would get it.. for sure.. IF Alice in wonderland had access to this DVD she would have matched wits with the Cheshire cat. Change seems to be one of those things that human beings have the hardest time dealing with! Or at least that's what I got out of it, It is a presentation of an expanded view of 'reality.'. and heal. Overall there aren't any thoughts or facts in here deeper than what a 5th grader once pondered, Working in the energy medicine field, I watch it 3 to 4 times per year, I really liked this movie a lot, This version in particular uses the random number generators inside your dvd player to (optionally) create a unique experience by randomizing scenes. So she thought it was good too, Ojal¨¢ las ciencias fueran presentadas as¨ª en el colegio, A great reminder what our emotions can do to us. but that¡¯s probably due to it not being mass marketed.. material sciences) got thrown in here, etc, There are so many better sources of information on the subject out there. A nice gentle entry into quantum mechanics for those who don't know much about it. A great experience. This should be a class in and of itself that is taught from Gradeschool on, This is my favorite movie. An exciting & great venture marrying spiritual "knowing' with a scientific basis of quantum Physics and biology. there is a cute story interwined with professional interviews regarding some amazing stuff. but real, theory and speculation and always gives you the facts about the speculations so you can come to your own conclusions., The old ideas of religion are bad because they are the c

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